Anyone got anything from these guys ?

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    They seen to have decent pricing, I've seen better and I've seen much worse. I got my 995 from them for $199 and I'm picking it up on tomorrow. I'm going to look into one of the Bulldog Tactical cases while I'm there.
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    Um, is it me? Or did these guys buy an old Hooters restraunt and turn it into a gun store ?

  3. SH :D :D TERS and H :shock: :shock: TERS??

    I'm ready, you ready? Let's go!
  4. Thay are cheeper than in central Mo.
    It's a Hooters for sure.
    Count me in.
  5. The outside does look like a hooters ! I was in there today to pick up my 995 and they have some nice stuff, a lot of guns around 3 of the 4 walls.

    They had 8 995's in stock, they are the only place I could find within 200 mile of my house that had any.
  6. That's definitely the old Hooters building on University Blvd. Been there a few times back when they big busted girls were serving beer by the pitcher.... :)
  7. They should have kept the big busted girls for the business !!!