Anyone have an AP9

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  1. Saw an AP9 on GB yesterday and was wondering if anyone here had one or had any experience with them. Read some reviews online, some good, some bad, pretty much what I'd expect for most any firearm, some love it, some hate it.

    So I figured I'd ask here. Not saying it's on my short list but if one popped up at the right price...
  2. lklawson

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    They're kinda collectable. Not high dollar but there's still a "collectors" niche for them. Everything I've ever read says that the quality is hit-or-miss. I wouldn't own one without a buttstock (SBR).

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  3. Kiln

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    I've read that they work better than the Tec9 but the polymer frame is smaller and even more prone to cracking than the Tec's was. Factor in how old they are, the scarcity of parts, and the fact that you don't know how much it's been used and they get less attractive. Basically, unless you aren't going to shoot it much or you're just wanting it for the "cool" factor, I'd consider something else.

    This is where I think companies are missing out. Pistols that load forward of the grip look and feel awesome, which is why it is disappointing that nobody makes high cap smg-esque guns like them anymore.