Anyone have experience with Comanche revolvers?

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  1. These revolvers seem to be a steal, from $180 to $300.
  2. I have put thousands of rounds through my Comanche 3. Very accurate for a "cheap" gun. I wouldn't mind getting a 4" to go along with the 6" that I have.

  3. Do you have the 38 or 357? Blued or Stainless? Thes look fantastic.
  4. My Comanche 3, .357/38 6" barrel, stainless steel. Bought in 1984

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    Mine was used from a pawn shop for $150 OTD. It was the Comanche II,4",38 special,rubber combat grips,6 shot,double action,heavy steel revolver. It always fired,never binded or misfired.I sold it for what I paid,but felt it was a lot of frevolver for the money and good quality.