Anyone have experience with Wolf .40S&W?

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  1. cuch86

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    Hey guys can anyone tell me if they've had an experience with the Wolf 180gr FMJ .40S&W ammo? I found a killer price for a brick from $92 and was looking to grab it up but just wanted to see what you guys have experienced with your HP's and Wolf. Any help would be muchappreciated!
  2. while I don't have any experience with the wolf, I can say wideners is a great bunch of folks and thats a good price!

  3. Kyu

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    Can't speak for the .40s&w but my CF380 eats wolf like candy. At that price you can't go wrong!
  4. I've shot wolf .40 many times. My 40 loves the stuff. I have never had a FTF or miss fire with it. Personally I think its good stuff.
  5. It is dirty, tastes bad, harder to clean, and not relaodable. It goes bang every time, is fairly accurate, and good to the wallet.

    Gun snobs hate the stuff, and I laugh as I shoot 200 rounds to their 100.

    FYI, we are the scum of the earth when we shoot Wolf out of a HP. What is next? Buy a Mosin? hmmm guilty.
  6. Oneofsix

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    It smells bad too, but all of the above X2!
  7. GlockMan

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    The newer lots of .40S&W Wolf seem to be a little bit cleaner with less odor as I have been buying mini cases (500rds) for $79.99 and shooting it during Club matches. I like the stuff and can't remember a problem with it.
  8. cd

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    I never had a problem with wolf pistol ammo, but I did buy some of their rifle ammo (243) because it was cheap and that stuff was total trash, very un predictable.
  9. I have no problem shooting wolf ammo if I can get it at a good price. I am not particular about the smell of the powder, and if it makes the gun dirty I simply clean it.
  10. It smells like the little fat kid down on the corner who just had a dinner of cabbage, beans, and hard boiled eggs. Is that better?

    I actually have 500 rounds of .223 and .45 in Wolf and have no issues with using it.
  11. Here in KY at most gunshops wolf is the same price as cheap brass loads ex. S&B Magtech Blazzer Brass at one place even the same price as WWB :shock: So with that choice by default I grab brass case loads
  12. I would grab the brass as well as long as they are not reloads.
  13. The only wolf ammo I currently shoot is for my Makarov and my AK-47. It's just so much cheaper than brass cased loads that I can't justify buying the good stuff as long as the supply of milsurp ammo doesn't dry up.
  14. Whiskey

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    Great ammo for practice at a price you can't refuse. Also, they come in a cool looking black box :D
  15. DRoCk

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    Wolf is definately worth a try at least once. I've put plenty through my AK and my SKS. Worked every time, but it did smell bad. I don't know about the .40 Wolf, but I would be that its going to be just as good (or bad depending on how you look at it). Give it a try, its usually cheap enough.
  16. bobm

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    I've run wolf ammo thru my M-4, Saiga 7.62x39, SKS, AK, 4095, Ruger 9MM, FNP-40, Beretta 96, and my RIA 1911; goes BANG everytime. Requires a bit more cleaning, but a lot cheaper to shoot if you don't reload.
    If we made ammo here for less cost more people would buy US stuff. But for some reason our manufacturers can't see that, or the union workers don't care and just want their inflated, not worth the money they get paid paycheck.
  17. Uraijit

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    +1. I only use 7.62x39 Wolf, and even then, it's just whatever's cheapest that day, Tiger, Wolf, bulgarian stuff, doesn't matter. Whatever's cheap.

    I reload .40 S&W and 9mm for $0.07/rnd. That's about half the price of that garbage Wolf ammo. If I MUST buy ammo, I'll buy the WWB.