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Anyone have problems with ammo and Cabela's?

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My friend and I went in on an order of 1200 9mm rounds from Cabela's in May.

It is now September and once again they pushed the delivery date back a month. It should not take 6 months to deliver and ship an order of ammo. Has anyone else had problems with them?
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Yep. Me. I placed a order for .380 and 9mm in March. They keep sending me a e-mail each month stating ammo will be the following month. I told them the HECK with it this month. They should not have ads out for ammo that THEY don't even have in stock. I won't order from they anymore. The HECK with them. :mad:
Great, if you've been waiting since March then ours will never show up.
I'm sure when they get ammo in...they will ship it. What that DAY is...I don't know. Some people say next year sometime. I just don't know. I'm fed up and I'm getting into reloading.
Good luck finding primers. But compared to finding 380 it may seem easy.
At the gun show yesterday there was plenty of primers available. Prices weren't great though, but that seems to be for everything right now.

I had .380 on order back in March from Cabelas untill they canceled it because I miss the needed response to keep it on order. :cantlook:

Good luck finding primers. But compared to finding 380 it may seem easy.
Cancel and buy from Aim Surplus they have Wolf and it most likely is a better price!
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