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Whick shotgun should I buy

  • Charles Daly Field Tatical for $199

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Anyone Heard Of Charles Daly

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I was looking threw the big 5 sports flyer and saw a charles daly "field tatical" 12 guage for $199 and a remington 870 express super magnum for $189 I am not real big on shotguns and was wondering which one yall would pick. I have heard of remington but never of charles daly. Anyshotgun people out there could help me.
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If it were me, I would go with the Remington: The 870 is VERY versitle, as far as barrels, accessories etc.
The Charles Daly is Chinese, but dont quote me on that. Most people have good luck with them (dont ask GM!).
Get the Remington, you can get tacti-cool parts for them cheaper and they are more readily available.
from what I understand the Charles Daly's are not bad guns, but for the same price get the Remington. Another good one in that range is a Mossberg 500.
I personally think that the Remington 870 Express is one of the best shotguns ever made.There are so many accessories that they make for it, especially if you want to go tactical with it.
got my Charles Daly 20g at walmart for 179...

works and fires great...

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No question with me 870 supermag.
Charles Daly makes some niice shotguns, but their lowest end models leave much to be desired, like a long break in period, finicky feed problems, and so on. There's no way to go wrong with an 870, especially at that price, and the magnum series will accept 3.5" magnum shells for a real thump.
I was looking threw the big 5 sports flyer and saw a charles daly "field tatical" 12 guage for $199 and a remington 870 express super magnum for $189
What a deal on the 870 for $189.
I just checked my Big 5 and that same gun is on sale for $289 in AZ
Regular Price............$399.99
Our Sale Price..........$319.00
Mail-in Rebate..........-$30.00

@ $189, I would be tempted to buy 10 of 'em. :wink:
That is a good deal on the 870. Thats almost $100 cheaper than I paid for mine
sure it's not a typo? Oh and the cheaper CDs I spoke of were their bottom line auto.
Yeah I just didn't know if that was a good price for a remington. My 2 other shotguns where given to me by my father and im not real big on shotguns so I didn't know if that was a good price.
If 189 is the real price for an 870 express magnum then buy it and buy it now.
So I got the 870 and its great. I just saw the add in the paper and I really didn't need another shotgun I have 2 that my dad gave me when I got married I just could not pass up a shotgun $189
That's a hell of a deal my friend, lucky SOB ;-)
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