Anyone here ankle carry?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by ajole, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. ajole

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    NE Utah
    When I bought my PF 9, I decided it was too big for everyday pocket carry, so I thought why not an ankle holster?

    Got an Uncle Mikes size 1, and it works great. The PF9 or P3AT fit well, and the rig stays put and doesn't feel weird after just a few minutes of wear.


    As I was trying it, I wondered about the XD-SC. It's a bit too wide.

    Funny thing, it fits an Uncle Mikes No1 pocket holster just fine.

    For comparison, here's the PF9 and the XD-SC.



  2. beaglenc

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    Whenever I think of ankle carry for myself now, it can brighten any gray day.
    Let's see.....I can only get a pair of socks on if my arse is up against the vanity in the bathroom and my foot is on the rim of the tub. Dogs and small children are repelled by the sounds coming through the door when this operation is going on.
    On the right day these very same sounds can again be heard coming from the kitchen as I attempt to lace up my workboots, and is often followed by a huge sigh and grunt of pleasure as I am soo damn proud of my handiwork and managed not to topple over.

    As I contemplate the whole ankle holster carry thing , it makes me grin.

    Danger approaches...I then check my surroundings for a proper place to lean my arse up against, put my foot up on something and...DRAW!
    The more likely happening is I go into my "ninja crouch of confusion", and topple over to the weak leg side, attempt to get my leg,knee, ankle, within the grasp perameters of my right hand, and FAIL on my first attempt.
    This will then cause me great panic and consternation and cause me to try again at a much more rapid pace, while still on my side on the ground. This cycle of "leg jacking " will repeat itself over and over with each attempt happening more quickly than the previous attempt. All this "leg jacking" will then start to cause my body to start moving in a circular motion in the spot that I am lying on. As danger looms I will start "hooting" on each leg jack while spinning on the ground in the fashion of a long since gone name feller by the name of "Curly".
    Sooo, if I am lucky, I mean really lucky, it will look as if I am having a stroke or other type of seizure and the bad guy be overwealmed with confusion and maybe even fear of catchin whatever the hell is wrong with that feller he was gonna ask directions of.
    In answer to your question, I do not ankle carry.:D

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Beagle, you are a riot!:)
  4. Bull

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    Lol........ THAT is post of the year!
  5. cicpup

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    Good place for a BUG. Not sure I would want to use it as a main carry location.
  6. FlashBang

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    Velcro sneakers and side zipper boots are a fat mans best friends. ;)

  7. SWAGA

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    On rare occasions I'll carry in my boot with a spare mag in the other one....

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  8. Never worn an ankle holster, I have thought about getting some cow boy boots and bot carrying though.

    Mainly because the few places i go that they "pat down" or Wand they never go down your boots. and if it beeps its the steel toe :)

    But it would be nice to free up my pockets again....does it feel heavy down there swinging around? i was always afraid it would wiggle loose and fall out the bottom of my pants.
  9. FlashBang

    FlashBang I Stand With Talon Lifetime Supporter

    I use to have that problem too when I was younger, but then I started wearing drawers.... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yeah, that cold bowl water on the tip is uncomfortable...:eek:

    Oh, you mean the gun.:cool:

    No, the rig keeps it pretty secure. Can't wear skinny jeans obviously..not that would, even if I could...but the strap at the top goes above the calf and keeps it up, the other wider strap secures it to the leg and holds it secure. All are velcro-adustable, with LOTS of velcro surface.
  11. Back2School

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    So is this what you wear to accommodate the ankle carry? :eek:

  12. LOL I had to re read my post to figure out what you were talking about. Then I couldn't stop laughing
  13. I'm surprised you made it that long.
    I had a run in with the zipper in elementary school and I never went back :-0
  14. Branth

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    This thread is just gold.