Anyone Hunt With Their 995 Carbine?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by straight shooter, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. I think the 995 will make a good varmint/predator rifle out to about 100 yards. Anyone used it for coyotes?
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    I'd suggest first trying it out on a 100yd range.
    My experience (warning: I'm no marksman) is is the accuracy drops off substantially beyond 75 yds.

    My $0.02 is there are better varmit guns if you're looking at 100+ yd distances. The energy from a 9mm just won't be there at the end.

  3. My 995 is my designated zombie rifle. It's so effective at its job that zombies stay far away. In fact, I haven't seen a zombie anywhere near here since I bought it.

    But, if any show up here, I'm sure it could do the job!

  4. I have a DPMS Panther AR 15 as my main coyote rifle. I just thought a 995 is capable of getting the job done out to about 100 yards. I can consistantly hit a paper plate with mine at a 100 yards.
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    WWB only drops about 8" at 100 yds, I have my red dot zeroed at 25yds and my laser zeroed at 100 yards.for ranges in between I turn both on and pick a spot between the two.
  6. Ari

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    Though I do not hunt with it. It can break clays all day long at 100 yards..
  7. GlockMan

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    I use my Hi-Point 995 as a Maine coyote gun and hunt over a butcher slop pit from a 15 foot tree stand. My hunting load is the Federal 115gr +P+ H/P's and it shoots very well to 100 yards and makes clean kills. I have made shots out to 125yds but past that trajectory is critical and I would only shoot at a stationary target I have ranged.
  8. So long as you're not interested in taking pelts it is a great coyote rig, particularly for night calling IMO. 9mm hollow points make an awful mess when they exit, like holes i can put my fist in.
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    its perfectly accurate to 100yds.. past that you want to be sure of uits trajactory and drop as was mentioned.
  11. Won't kill a zombie past 125 yrds unless it's a perfect eye shot.
    I suggest you let them get closer that 75yrds, since their slow movers you can have alittle fun with them.
    Of course if there is more than one make sure you make all head shots till you get down to just one then have some fun.
    Also it hepls if it's dusk and they can't see the 995 cause then run away.
  12. i agree with kenderson, there hasnt been a zombie in mpls for quite some time. glad to know hes got the north end of town :p
  13. Zombie free in Crystal MN since I got my Carb as well.
    They should list that on the Hi-point site.

    Mind you I still have my 91/30 for thinning out the undead ranks untill they get to Carbine range.

    You can't be too careful when prepping for Z
  14. Frog hunting. Wont have to get your feet wet.Just pick them up on the bank.The wife likes not having to wade in the lake at night.
  15. For hunting with a Hi-Point, I'd prefer a 4095.
  16. That makes 2 of us. We have a doe somewhere on the property with a broken leg. Brother saw her yesterday and the small herd has been staying on the property lately. I figure she was probably hit by a car.

    If I can find her I will use the 4095 or my shotty with a slug to put her down.
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    gotta love the northside. I watched a p.o.s stealing tools from my neighbors garage this morning (HAPPY EASTER), I had my j-frame on my belt and thanks to mn laws all i could do was call the cops.
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    I thought i heard a couple of zombies messing around outside my house last night.We have those southern hillbilly zombies and sometimes it takes two headshots to put them down.
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    My local zombies must have a healthy respect for my high kick as I had been zombie free even before I picked up my 4095 and .40 s&w.........
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    My wife and her son have used a 995 for 10 years now for coyotes and other varmints when they ski in Maine. Not sure of what their kill ranges have been, but they come home and the coyotes didn't. The 995 is light to carry and quick to put into play from skis.

    My 40 Carbine was used by my friend's 10 year old to get his first deer with. Nice little spike horn at 75 yards. He has that carbine now.

    I'm waiting patiently for the 45 to come out. Love the new stock design.