Anyone into HAM radio?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by monsterdawg, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. monsterdawg

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    I am interested in HAM and bought a Baofeng handheld to get aquainted and attempt to listen a little. Looking for a local club. Anyone one here into it?
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    MaryB will be by shortly too school you in all things HAM.

  3. planosteve

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    They make radios out of ham? I love ham.
  4. monsterdawg

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    I was wondering how long it would be before someone crossed this thread into the one about pork! How about amateur radio?
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    Always been interested in the radio aspect not the pork products. One of these days I would like a small HF set.
  6. I got my GROL licence from the FCC a few years back in school. They had another cheaper test dealing with ham radio. We learned a lot about repairing them also, and how the HAM guys would a lot of times make there own components as a hobby. I have never seen anyone really into it though. i imagine it would be fun. probably talk to a lot of different people
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    Ham radio operators are some pretty neat people. I know we've got a few here. Looking forward to the stories.

    Going right along with one of our unstated actions on this forum - as a group we tend to be an incredibly helpful bunch. The same goes for Ham operators, who are often part of the response group to disasters, both man-made and natural.

    Personally working on getting my license later this year, hopefully.
  8. There are active clubs everywhere. I have a license but have not been active for years. Google is your friend. The clubs can assist you with the FCC license issue. They have classes, etc.
  9. Outlaw

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    Got my Amateur license couple years back. Bought a couple of the little Baofeng handsets. They are pretty neat units and for the price you can't beat them. I keep saying I will get into the Ham thing but am yet to do so. I'm sure it will be the second after the SHTF knowing me. :eek:
  10. yea I am into ham radio. yea the little UV-5R is the high point of ham radio.. I love them. I have a few my self as well as some more expensive radios but like the HP the UV-5R gets more use.
  11. monsterdawg

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    Is it possible to listen to much activity with the little Baofeng? I'm unable to pick anything up thus far, using the scan feature. I just ordered the software and cable for it, and sent an e-mail to the local club contact person. Talk about green! I'm a complete newbie with this and don't even know how to find something to listen to on order to determine how interesting it is!
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    I'm offended. Please remove this post so as to appease my sensitivity. ;p
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    Did someone say ham?
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    Amateur Radio is something everyone should have around for SHTF... you can use it to find pork. :)
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    bacon wrapped ham smothered in gravy with pork rinds... hmmm dawgy! them's good viddles....

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    If I ever actually retire and quit doing part time work I may delve back in to it. And yes Monsterdawg, you can pick up a little activity. Just search the channels. Usually Emergency Response type stuff.
  18. cicpup

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    Making you hungry, eh?
  19. the test for the license is fairly easy to pass and to study for. i bought the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual that came with a special practice exam software loaded onto a CD ROM. i studied the book each night for just an hour or two. took me three nights to read through the entire book that way. i also used the practice exam CD ROM as an exam review, that was very helpful to me. i also used a free practice exam APP from the Google App Store to quiz myself at work during the day while at work. i see no need into getting a paid version.

    you can get the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual from here:

    you can check here to find a class or club that can help study for the exam:

    and finally, you can check here to find the closest locations to you, dates and times as to where you can take the exam:

    i also have an old version of the ARRL license manual that just expired June 30th of last year that i can pay it forward if anyone is interested in having it. just PM your info and i can send it you. i only ask that you pay it forward to someone else when you are done with it.

    that all depends if there are active repeaters that are in your area. for example, here in L.A. there are many many active repeaters that are going 24/7. we even have the notorious 435 repeater where anything goes and is unregulated by the FCC :D the Baofeng's are a great little radio that shouldn't have a problem receiving if there is activity close by.
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