Anyone know how long a new Jennings would last?

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  1. I found a new Jennings 9mm in a local pawn. It's the chrome finish and comes with a 13 round magazine. Anyone know the service life of a Jennings 9mm?
  2. I wouldn't buy a Jennings. The hipoints are cheap like jennings but the difference is that they are well built with a great wearranty at the expense of looks.

    The jennings will get you laughed at the range.

    Seriously, how much are you wanting to spend? If you want to spend like 130 dollars, I would much rather go with a PA63 or something like that over the jennings.

  3. I was thinking around 200 and under. I liked the size of the Jennings and the finish.
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    Top end maybe 750 rounds. I had a jennings in 380 years ago and after 500 or so it was falling apart. Total trash. Spend the same money on another hi point and have something.

  5. Uraijit

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    Funny, we've heard plenty of the same stories about Hi-Points...
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    +1 i refuse to bash a jennings, because who knows, they may have a larger forum than this one dedicated to the firearms... maybe they have found the flaw, remedied it, and have dependable mouse guns. I believe jennings cannot be sold here in SC due to the melting point, but i may be incorrect. There's my $0.02
  7. The difference being that the hipoints are built well even though they don't look all that good. The jennings do look ok but are failure prone. Even the people who own them admit that they aren't the best of guns.
  8. My whole point is that if you are looking to spend about 150, there are a lot of decent low-end guns out there that you could get besides the jennings.
  9. I would choose that cz82 any day over a jennings.
  10. Uraijit

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    I own hi-points and readily admit they they are not the best of guns either.

    It's totally subjective. Just about any "cheap" gun is going to be more prone to problems than higher-end guns. Hi-Points included.

    Hi-Points DO have known issues, just as the Jennings, Kel-Tecs, etc.
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    The HP can be repaired for free, if you ever have any problem with it, and the Jennings might be able to be fixed by Jimenez arms... maybe.
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    We're speaking in terms of quality of the gun, not quality of the warranty.

  13. Exactly, I was thinking about Cz 52 and a nagant revolver, or if anyone knows of any cheap handguns in that price range please feel free to tell me or show a pic. No offence but I just dont like the looks of the Cz82.
  14. CZ 52's are one of threm also.
    Got mine back when they were $89 before shipping...

  15. How much you think they go for in a pawn shop? I also have been lookin at the TT tokarev pistol in 7.62.25 caliber.
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    Oh man, say away from those Jennings!! The other day I was at the range and a guy a couple of lanes over was shooting a Jennings. He only got off a couple of rounds before the slide flew off and bashed him in his forehead. :shock: :lol:
  17. For 200 bucks you could get a nice CZ52 and ammo to go with it. They are built like a tank and except for the firing pin will last practiclly forever.

    Nice pistols, I had owned two of them still have one and loved both of them.

    (I would buy a spare firing pin or two if it were me)
  18. Ari

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    I know you dont like the look of the CZ82 But I think that is a cool gun. They are now making a CZ83 in 380