Anyone know what gun this is?

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    In the movie Reservoir Dogs, this guy pics up this gun, inserts a mag, flips the barrel up, puts the barrel back down, racks the slide, and puts it in his boot. Nice little gun, I like how the barrel flips up! What is it?

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    Crap I know is one can't remember it though. :-(

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    Beretta Jet-Fire....
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    Cool! Thanks! That's it.
  5. beretta bob cats do that. and Taurus PT22. They are GREAT for people with less strength. No slide racking necessary. I shot a friends Beretta bobcat and loved it. He offered it to me for $100. i would have taken it. But it was chambered in 22Short :-( and i just didnt want to look for that all the time
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    So did the Beretta 86, it was chambered in .380ACP and was roughly the size of a Bersa Thunder.


    Weird. I've never heard of a Bobcat chambered for only .22Short. I've always seen them in .22LR.

    Was it, maybe, the Beretta Minx?

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  7. That is a cool .380 would put bersa out of business if it was priced like a bersa :p

    You are right, it was a beretta 950 Minx. he referred to it as a bobcat as he was probably confused. IT would have been a superb boot cary gun.

    If i saw it now for that price i would buy it, as i already have a Phoenix in 22LR to plink with. but at the time, i would have to make 1 purchase not 2
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    That's the rub, ain't it? Beretta's MSRP for their .22LR tip-up barrel, blued, Bobcat, is $410. Taurus' MSRP for their .22LR tip-up barrel, blued, PT22, is $273, making the Bobcat ~1/3 more expensive (but you get the Beretta name, right?). If we were to assume a similar price structure (which I don't think would be fair because the 86 functions very differently from the Thunder), the Bersa Thunder has an MSRP of $350 so (assuming a 1/3 greater price) that would make a MSRP of ~$470 or so (which really isn't bad for a Beretta carry .380). It looks like the going price for used 86's starts at around $650 and goes up. Gunporker has one listed right now for over $1,000 (supposedly like new, with box).

    It's out of production anyway, but I wish they'd bring it back. It would sell well.

    Peace favor your sword,

    International Movie Firearms Data Base. I love this site. If you see a firearm in a movie, just search the movie and it will tell about all the weapons in that movie.
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    The Beretta Tomcat is another one. Chambered in .32acp. I got this one on clearance for $299.


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    MX that is one sexy little popgun!
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