Anyone now anything about rossi single shot combos?

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  1. I was looking around on and ran across a Rossi S20223YBS, which comes with two interchangeable barrels, one in 20 ga. and one in 223. Anyone know if they are decent shooters? I was looking for a 20 ga, but the .223 addition would be fun. It would be just mainly for target shooting, possibly for deer hunting with the 20 ga later on if I decide to get into it (can't hunt in IL with a rifle). has them listed at $246.44 which didn't seem too bad price wise.

    They also have a model S20306RS which is 20 ga. / 30-06 for $220.80 Any suggestions on which would be a better rifle? I've never shot a high caliber rifle before, just want something to kill some paper with, and maybe some zombies if I need to :D
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    i owned one once about three years ago. it was a 12/.223 not a 20. they are alright rifles. not the best. the one i had was good enough to take a few yotes. the only thing about it was it seemed to be dead on up to around 80 to 100 yards but after that it seemed to really drop off. it didnt matter what ammo i was useing. but for the price they are ok. i think i gave $188 for that one and they now run around $210 here.

  3. I have a 12gu/223 rossi combo. While I do have both rifles and shotguns that I like much better, they are a pretty decent sigle sgot rifle/shot gun. I would consider buying another.
  4. I bought my son a H&R Versa Pak in 410/22 and it has been wonderful. The shotty patterns well and the .22 is very accurate through the iron sites. I'd not shy away from one.
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    Im partial to the NEF handi-rifles over the rossi. Better ergonomics IMHO, and cheaper to boot.

  6. I have the Rossi in 20 ga. / 17 HMR and like it . I put a scope on the 17 and it is accurate. I have only shot the 20 ga a couple of times , but it did good.