Anyone own a Star Modelo Super?

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  1. I was searching for some cheap handguns on the web and came across it, I have seen this gun before(I think) in a local pawn shop. I know a specific gun when I see it. I found them at Sarco for sale, does anyone know if 38 super is still in production? Any pics of your firearm?
  2. You probably saw it in 9mm Largo (9X23mm). A coworker swears you can shoot .38 Super out of it, and it seems like the dimensions are close and I think the Largo is a hotter round--

    I would advise against it though--

    I value my hands and eyes-- I would hate to have a KB because I tried to "make it work"-- plus around here it is almost as easy to get Largos as 38Supers-- which are impossible to find except at a dedicated gunstore..

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    The only Star I currently have is a Star model BM in 9mm. Got it a few years back, for $159.
    I'll vouch for the brand. It is a crying damn shame they went out of business.

  5. I have seen that model before, it was $210 in the local pawn about a month ago. Should have bought it, well, it's between the Cz 52 or the Star Modelo Super.
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    I have a Star BS in 9mm that is very much like the super. I gave $150 for it from CDNN It does not look this anymore. It has been sand blasted and it is ready for some duracoat...


  7. Sweeeet 8)
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    Someone can verify this but I don't think sarco is selling guns right now...having an issue with their ffl