Anyone recomend a cheap revolver

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  1. Does anyone have a revolver they can recomend to buy that is cheap but worthy?
  2. Look at the Rossi and Charter Arms

  3. No Prob. I have shot the Rossi in .44 it it was a sweet gun. I think my buddy got it brand new for $325. It has great reviews on it.
  4. wow ill have to look into that one then
  5. i don't think you are looking for single action. but Heritage make some decent cowboy style revolver and price is right. depend on caliber and finish, the price is from 150 to about 4 hundred NIB.
  6. Taurus arn't "cheap" per say, but a helluva bargain. Just was recommending a Taurus 357 Tracker. Comes with a 7 shot cylinder, 4" ported barrel (8 ports, 4 per side), ribber grips, and all this together makes a .357mag feel like a 38special or less. Damn fine revolver at about 500 I think.
  7. single action is ok to me ...i like the old cowboy style
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    I am really liking what I see from Charter Arms prices have good prices and they have a nice warranty. this is the one I am looking at 44spec..

  9. in that case, defenatily check out Heritage. their website is a bit hard to find so here is the link.

    i would like to think they are ruger lite.
  10. thats exactly the style i was looking for , good find. Prices are very resonable i wonder how the reliablity and quality is tho
  11. Rossi, the first Charter Arms revolver I ever bout was brand new this year and it came apart. The hammer came out of the top.
  12. I have heard that the Rossi revolvers have a tough time during shooting a typical ammo day at the range. The dirt builds up quick and it is difficult to extract the shells. Once cleaned they are good to go again. I have not seen this personally, but quite a few guys on the net have written about it.
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    What did Charter Arms say about it?