Anyone shoot Air Rifle? A few of mine

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  1. TnShooter83

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    I have a thing for them......And I can shoot them in my back yard also...
    Sadly I've sold a lot of them to buy the newer stuff.
    I need a new Job just for Airguns.

    Beeman HW97K w/Bushnell legend 5-15x40 AO Scope
    Shot 7.9 grain Crosman Premiers at 905fps.

    Gamo CF-X Tuned.

    Marksman 2004 Rebuilt. Shoot 7.9gr. pellets @ 385fps

    Bam B-26 Tuned to shoot 14.3gr pellets @ 655fps

    Custom Crosman 2250...NEVER had been shot

    Custom 2250 [​IMG]

    Custom 1322 Shoots 14.3gr. pellets @622fps on 17 pumps.

    Crosman 2240 RBGrips

    Custom 1377 Shoots 7.9gr pellets @ 800+ fps on 30 pumps.

    Older Phase II Crosman 1377

    Gamo Shadow 1000 - 7.9gr pellets @ 875fps

    Tallon SS -16gr pellets @ 879 fps
    With 24" barrel it did 936 with 16gr. pellets


    I have owned or own a few more...but I don't have pics of them.
    Next to own is another Custom Crosman......
    I the process of selling the HW97K now.
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    there is a wed night air rifle legaue in town but i havent got into it yet.


  3. Holy Crap, now that's a sweet collection!

    The varmint doesn't look too thrilled of course..... :lol: :lol:
  4. Wis I had on of those the other day I hit a squirrel with my sons air rifle and I think it bounced off of him lol. Stupid squirrel lol
  5. Nah Stryker1, you just can't shoot... What you saw was the shadow of the pellet as it flew past the squirrel's head... :wink:

    Great collection of Air Rifles man, those look freakin' sweet!
  6. Ari

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    Nice collection
  7. TnShooter83

    TnShooter83 Guest


    Right now I'm saving for a NEW XD-40.
    But when I get more money saved up. I'm sure I have another to add....
  8. Jarhead1775

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    Absolutely Awesome Collection. I had a 1377 back in the day and a 766. Great childhood memories with those.
  9. Nothing like hunting small game with a good air rifle and scope. I need to get another quality air rifle cause the cheap commie one I have now is not cutting it.

    Oh yeah... Sweet collection you have going there.
  10. AGuyNamedMike

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    Wow, some real beauties there!

    My buddy has been having a small varmint problem, so I brought my trusty 30-year-old Crosman American Classic 766 to him. As his varmints come at night, I went ahead and removed the 4x scope. We shot a couple dozen 7.9gr. hollow points to check the zero of the iron sights Sunday afternoon and got excellent offhand results with apples and paper cups at 20 yards. I'm thinking of picking up a Beeman SS1000 in .22 later this year, but other things are on the list ahead of it.
  11. You reckon you could have made those pictures a little bigger so those of us on dial-up could run to the store, while we waited for them to download? :D

    I've got a couple of air rifles. Nothing fancy or anything, but they're fun. A Daisey 880 and a Crossman Storm XT.
  12. I have an old CZ Slavia 631 That I love iron-sight plinking with. I have had it for years, but it is still a fun little (actually pretty big and heavy lol) pellet rifle.

    Nice looking pieces you have there!
  13. I'm interested in buying either an air, or CO2, pistol or rifle, but I don't know what to look for. My price range is around $50, I could probably swing up to 100, but that is not likely. I'm torn between a pistol and a rifle. I like the idea of target practice in the back yard.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a rifle or pistol under $100? .22, Pellet, or .177 is fine, either/or.
  14. My turn!

    I have an RWS 36, an ancient tack driving Crosman model 102, a Crosman model 1400 Pumpmaster that is on its way, a neato lil Walther PPK/S BB gun and several Smith&Wesson 78g/79g's.

    Broom, check out the crosman line of co2 guns. They have a pistol 2250? that is right around $55 and is a good gun with lots of potential for hop ups. There is even a custom shop at the cross man site that lets you configure your own 2250 based gun to meet your needs and or price point.

    I would recommend checking this option out and erring on the side of the $100 range and youll have a good gun. I specced one out with everything I fancied there, Barrel brake, weaver sight, long steel breech, 10.5" barrel, Coco Bolo grips and more and it came in at $180.

    But even the entry level gun can be built up in the future iyour tight on funds. Plus I know someone who can get huge power out of these if you want it modified, See my S&W 78G thread. The powerplants are very similar.