Anyone Shoot Speer Ammo? (HP?)

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  1. My buddy at work lives at his local gunshop and remembered I couldn't find hollow points at my local gunshops. Picked up a box of Speer Gold Dot. Anyone have any experience with these through their 995?
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    Pretty pricey for plinking, but they're a good defensive round.

  3. While i've never shot their gold dot I have shot probably 150 rounds of their lawman line in .40. Shot well, good ammo. If my supply hasn't dried up I intend to buy another box to use for defense.

    Granted the lawman line is more of their "general use" stuff, but its well priced and performs well.
  4. I have shot alot of Speer ammo in my HP. I would agree, the gold dot is a bit pricey for plinking. I have supplier who gets it for me in 500 round boxes when I want it. I personally think there are better places for getting ammo for plinking.
  5. Yea, I'm not gonna use it for plinking. Thought of using it for defensive purposes. Just wanted your input on it. And yea, it definitely is pricey. About $1 a round. I get my WWB box of 100 rounds for about $19.
  6. Prettymuch everything Speer produces is worth the price they charge. I personally like the thoughts of handloading GDHPs better than buying them loaded, but some ballistics gel experiments I've seen have shown it to be a good performer.
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    Black hills make their HPs with the Speer gold dots.. I carry them as my D ammo in my XD9. Check the stickies in the ammo area for info on them. The gotdots are nice ammo. As a word to the wise do not load your own defense ammo! If you have to shoot someone outside a SHTF they will hang you in court if you use a reload. So do nothing but carry factory ammo. And keep the box the ammo came in...
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    We use the 165 gr. stuff as our duty ammo and it's great stuff. I've shot over a thousand rounds of this stuff without a single problem.

  9. A lot of PD's use it. Solid round, I carried it until I found Federal HST.
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    Ive shot a little, wasnt my cup of tea. I stick to winchester silvertips.

  11. I shoot the Speer Uni-Cor Gold Dot in my Desert Eagle all the time. I haven't ever used their 9mm stuff, but if it's as good as their .50 AE ammo, then it's worth every penny. I love the .50 AE stuff they have. Their 300 grain and 325 grain HP's are really good for penetration and expansion.
  12. It shoots low in my 1911 as opposed to Golden Sabers or my reloads.
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