anyone tried this...

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  1. on their 995 or 4095? could it be possible? safe?

    Link removed by GlockMan due to safety concerns.
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    Honestly, I dont think the trigger in the 995 or 4095 is light enoguh to bump fire well. It is possible I suppose. That being said, bump firing 10 round mags wouldnt be very fun anyway.

  3. watching vids like those just gets me thinking of getting a 995. just do expensive around these parts, $299. stock. :(
  4. Not sure how the rubber band trick would work with the 995 or 4095, considering the magazine is inserted into the pistol grip. Maybe a short rubber band around the trigger guard?

    Agreed about burning thru 10 rounds that fast probably wouldn't be much fun.
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    Seeing how it's illegal to modify your firearm in such a manner and I'd be banned from my range for trying such a stupid stunt, I would not attempt it. And as stated, pretty useless with a ten round magazine.
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    Don't do this it's illegal, so is driving home from the bar after a few drinks, speeding, downloading MP3s and DVDs over P2P networks and internet bandwidth theft. No one here does any of that and I would never do it either.
  7. trigger is too heavy for the amount of recoil to be sufficient. I've tried it on the 4095 but its a no go.
  8. Edited for clarification and avoidance of irritation:
    Don't edit things for me. I'm just a guy trying to give advice based on what I've seen previously. Other forums would have deleted your post (indeed, this entire thread) and given you a warning / temporary ban. Pro-gun forums are in a tough spot in society right now. We must be careful or we will be accused of conspiracy to break laws and endanger society. Not long ago, anything could be discussed openly in the USA. Those times are gone and we all face condemnation for expressing an opinion.

    We are at a time when we appear to finally be able to regain lost rights and we must be careful not to give our opponents ammunition to use against us. The picture you posted (which I've also now deleted) is commonly available on the web. We must make clear that we never advocate or instruct how to break /evade / avoid laws. Sorry if you took offense, but I'm hoping for a very positive ruling on Heller, and would hate to see you miss out on the party afterward.

    Edit over!

    That, griff, is a felony. It's best to avoid such actions. Oh, you might wish to edit your post. In fact--MODS--how about deleting this thread and making it clear that discussing or advocating illegal activities will be frowned upon. Other forums have adopted such policies due to harassment by authorities for such posts.

    Remember--we only have the illusion of Constitutional Rights left to us.

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    I was gonna say, that looks like a SURE way to get the BAFT up into you all the way to the elbow. They must have a REALLY laxed shooting range.

    Hell, if I even heard someone doing that Id probably leave for fear of myself being caught up into it (because you all know how hard they will try to ruin any gun owner they can).
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    threads like this are an invitation to trouble... and it would be all the way to the shoulder, not the elbow. I recommend deleting this post and not discussing things like this on the forum.
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    One it's not illegal,at least not in Texas, two wont work on 995 or 4095 as the tension must be pushing the trigger forward. Three they sell a spring device that will allow you to bump fire easily, I had one on my SKS, not very accurate but would waste 30 rds rather quickly, such device won't work on most single action triggers, like the 995 or 4095.As a side effect of my diabetes, I have muscular tremors, allows me to empty 10 rds in five seconds, sure sounds like a machine gun but it's not.I suppose you could replace the trigger spring in either model with a stronger one and make bump firing easier.If your semi- auto is semi auto it doesn't matter how fast you pull the trigger, its still one shot per trigger pull.
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    Actually the rubber band mod I think is as legal as the Hellfire or what ever trigger activation. what go the ruckus is what pic I posted that is a pull fire machine gun by BATFE standards.
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    You've got to be kidding me. We cry about our second amendment rights and then censor ourselves on a first amendment issue. We already don't curse and try not to hurt each others feelings. We worry about harassment from groups who can do nothing to any of us, regardless of what you think can happen. One shot per trigger pull is not an automatic weapon. This issue is not about yelling "fire" in theater or saying "bomb" on a plane. This thread is just as legal as posting a thread on how to make thermite (which is legal). Sorry if I've gone to far, but its bad enough that their are liberals who want to take our freedoms yet we freely give them up to avoid harassment. By censoring ourselves we aid them in their attempt at control us. You tube is quite successful and I don't see them getting slammed for showing what we merely discuss.
  14. So is this rubber band trick illegal or not? If it is, can someone please document it so we can know for sure?

    Why would a guy post this on youtube if it were an illegal mod? Wouldn't he have been arrested and the vids pulled?
  15. The guy claims on his website that it is legal. Even if it is, would I want to get caught by a BATF agent at the range doing it? No.
  16. waltham there is no way i would try this one at the range.
  17. I have to admit I would like to try it once just to see if it works, but where I shoot the game rangers house is just down the road from the rifle range, and he would hear it.

    I could see him showing up, and me sitting there with an AK going "I have no idea what your talking about" LOL
  18. never really gave thought to the ten round mag, doesnt seem that good of an idea now. as far as legal goes the rubber band is just acting like a super fast finger pulling the trigger, right? its still a single shot per pull, so why would that be illegal? illegal cause it sound like a full auto?
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    Well, this would be just more reason for them to get rid of semi-autos. When they see how easy it is to make them "essentially" automatic they will go after our guns, too.
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    Was closed temporarily due to concerns of legality. However the rubber-band method is considered legal by the BATF so the thread is open again.

    From "According to the BATF, a Machine Gun is defined (in part) by The National Firearms Act of 1934, 26 U.S.C. § 5845 as “... any weapon which shoots ... automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.†Machineguns, are mechanically engineered to continue firing until the trigger is released or the ammunition runs out.

    After reading the 12 page letter of reconsideration regarding the Akins Accelerator sent to the BATF on February 6, 2007 from Steven Halbrook (Attorney for the Akins Group) I found some stuff that would suggest that my rubber band assisted bump fire technique to be described as the same operational mechanics as the Hellfire Trigger Device. His letter to the BATF contained Letters of opinion from the FTB (firearms technology branch) regarding the Hellfire Device.

    A 2003 letter of opinion summarized some of ATF's previous findings about the following, all of which were found NOT to be machinegun conversion parts: "We previously examined a device known as a HELLFIRE or A.S.IV consisting of a metal block that clamps to the trigger guard of a semiautomatic firearm and has a spring the applies pressure to the back of the trigger. The device merely acted as an auxiliary trigger return spring and did not change the mechanical functioning of the firearm...

    With the hellfire device, a trigger stop and spring are used to vibrate the trigger against the trigger finger. A rhythm and loose grip are required. The device depends on a relatively stationary trigger finger and utilizes recoil and isometric tension to create movement of the counter recoiling rifle against the trigger finger to initiate a rapid succession of semiautomatic shots. This technique is known as "bump firing," as uses the forward isometric tension of the shooter's supporting hand to "bump" the trigger into the shooter's finger again after it recoils from the previous shot. The recoil is countered via isometric tension."

    The rubber band I used in my videos...... apply pressure to the back of the trigger by means of pulling the trigger forward when lassoed on the trigger, stretched around the mag well and lassoed again on the trigger via the other side of the gun!

    The Attorney for the Akins Group concluded with: Trigger Activators are a commercially-produced firearm accessory known by various names as "Tac Trigger," "Auto-burst," "Auto-burst II" depending on who the manufacture is. They are in fact a legal device, and what they do is the attach to the trigger of a firearm, and there are various springs involved with small powerful spring that force the trigger back to the forward position, meaning that you have to separately pull the trigger each time you want to fire the gun. but it gives the illusion of functioning as a machinegun.