anyone try the promag 30 rnd 995 drum

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by screwylewie, Jan 11, 2008.

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    I have 3 promag 15 rnd mags that work flawless out of the bag in my 995, but was wondering if anyone tried the 30 round drum yet? I know promag has a bad rep for quality, however I have promag mags for my bersa, star, taurus in addition to the ones for my 995, and I have never had a problem with them.
  2. What are these 'flawless promags' you speak of?

    You are the only poster I've ever read to claim flawless performance from Promag. I have never heard of a drum for the 995, and can't find it on their site.

    There are folks on this forum working on adapting drums and we all hope they are successful. :roll:

  3. screwylewie

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    link for the 30 rnd drum
    they are currently sold out, they went quick.

    I bought my 3 15 rnd 995 promags for $14.40 each and have run about 600 rounds from them (probably 200 each) with no failures. the promags for my other guns have similar performance. They have a lifetime warranty , so if anyone has a problem, why have they not sent them in? what are the problems with them that people are having (functional or actually breaking)?
  4. They dont function well I have one that will not feed more than 2 rds. Alot of people has turned them in and had no luck.
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    I have two 10 round pro mags, and one 15 round promag....the 10 rounders took about 20 minutes each with my dremel, and some needle nose pliers to get them to work correctly, and the 15 rounder took a good hour or more.

    With the feed lips being at an incorrect angle, I don’t see how yours could work without jamming. Pro Mag knows about their design flaw, but they aren’t willing to do anything about it. They stated that people still buy their products, so there is no reason for them to change the design, even though it doesn’t work from the factory (I guess none work right, except for yours). Sending it into them wont do any good, because like I said....its a design flaw, nothing is breaking, they just were not made to fit the hi-point carbine correctly.

    If you hold the factory magazine next to a promag, you can see the difference in the feed lips. The hi-point magazine is angled inward at the top, the promags go straight up with no bends or contours. This causes the bullets to nose dive when the slide pushes them forward instead of pushing up into the chamber.

    but dont just take my word for it:

    I will check into the 30 round drum...Im willing to buy one and modify it like I did my others just to have the extra capacity.
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    do you mean they don't honor their warranty? I never had to send one in so I really don't know about their customer service. Anyways when it comes to mags, I can only see 4 things that could cause problems (aside from mag parts actually breaking)
    1. if bullets are binding inside mag caused by too tight a fit.
    2. bad springs (ie. too weak or too strong)
    3. mag lip angles not right
    4. does not fit magwell properly (ie. up in magwell too far or too low or too sloppy)

    like i said so far I have not had any problems with promag mags (rapidly knocking on wood as i typed that). I am not the biggest fan of polymer mags tho and the 30 rnd drum says polymer. But at only $40 and with my past exp. with promag I am going to buy one and try it once they get back in stock. I will post my results here when I test it.
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    langford, my promags have about the same bend inward at the top as my factory 10rnd mag, looking at them side by side maybe not exactly as much but darn close. So ya I guess you are absolutely positively right, I have the ONLY promag 995's on the planet that work, go figure.
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    the feed lips are not at the right angle, you have to file the follower down so you can bend the feed lips in towards the front, and in towards the top.

    Here are some pictures of my 15 rounder that I had to modify, ingore the rough look...this is just how it looked after I gave it a rough cut to see if it would work at all. I haven't cleaned it up yet, but I still plan to.




    and this is what you have to do to get one to work with the ATI stock:




    I dont know, maybe they finally changed their design. You actually are the first person I have ever heard say their promag worked without jamming. All of my promags were straight as an arrow, they had absolutely no bend like the factory magazine. Hopefully promag took our advice and changed their tooling for the hi-point magazines. I didnt try to come across as a jerk in my first post, I was kidding around....but humor doesnt show up too well when you type something.
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    I just took a quick pic of mine (not the best pic and not a steady hand )

    promag on left and factory on right
    notice the follower does not come up as far as the stock mag and the metal is a bit thinner (might wear faster down the road), but there is definitely an angle there and they really do work good.
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    Direct quotes from thier site...
    ..."each and every step of the assembly is checked and double-checked in order to maintain the same consistent level of quality. We're so sure of how good ProMags are, we've warrantied them for as long as you own them (See Technical Notes)"
    "Technical notes for "PROMAG HI-POINT 995-CARB. 9MM 30rd POLYMER DRUM BLK
    All ProMag Industries magazines are 100% warranted against manufacturer\'s defects. Unauthorized modifications or deliberate abuse will void warranty. Defective magazines will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of ProMag Industries."

    "sole discretion" here of course means they DO NOT have to stand by any warrenty at all for any reason, just something to keep in mind.
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    Also... Why are these drum mags only advertised here with no photo but not on the Promag home page ? Hmmm.
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    Maybe a conspiracy! No seriously graf and sons is a good place, been dealing with them for about 20 years now, but allot of their items don't have pictures.

    As far as the whole promag warranty thing, here's a good question for you guys who bought promags that never worked right. Where did you buy them? I know I bought a few ar-15 mags from 'cheaper than dirt' that did not function right, they refunded my money and paid for return shipping of the mags. I bought some surplus ammo from 'sportsmans guide' that was just plain bad, again they refunded my money and paid for return shipping (on ammo no less). I returned a reloading item to graf and sons and they refunded money but I had to pay for return shipping but they did give me a coupon for $15 off next order. I know midway takes returns, as do most other places online. I have never seen a local gun store that did not have at least a 30 day return policy. Now when you look at the fact that everyone sells these promags, if everyone who bought bad promags returned them and there were so many bad ones, these big places (especially the ones with great return policies) would stop carrying them. The best way to get a manufacturers attention is when no one will carry your product.
  13. Hmmm, all very interesting. I bought my 15rn mag with my 995 just before last Xmas. The Promag didn't work at all... as reported by others. The drum sounds interesting, but I would like to see what it looks like hanging below the pistol grip.

    Last Tuesday I called Hi-Point and ordered four new 10rn mags for $68. Arrived two days later. Now I have 50 rounds really to go. BTW... I found sparce application of Remmington Dry Lubrication Spray on the mag and into the well helped reduced FTF's. Slapping the mag before inserting to align the rounds helps too.
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    I am going to the local welder this week to mate a Soumi 72 round drum to a 995 mag. but hey if the have a 30 round drum....I will want one.
  15. I returned 2 - 15 rd Pro Mag mags to them for replacement, and they were very nice people to deal with, and even sent a postage payed envelope for me to send the mags back to them. Didnt ask for proof of purchase or anything.

    Unfortunately, the new mags didnt work any better than the other ones.

    I would be interested in their 30 rd drum if it worked properly.
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    Yup, that was me asking about it ,because the 30s were listed in the Natchez Supply catalog. I think Glockman contacted Pro-Mag and they knew nothing about it. Grafs has been "sold out" of the 30s for at least 6 months :lol:
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    I called both ProMag and Grafs. Neither place had much of a clue.
    Promag said no such animal ever made as far as she knew.
    She said maybe a sales person told Grafs to expect a promag 995 drum in the future and Grafs put an ad online in anticipation.
    Grafs said they never heard of it. I said "it is on your website". The associate I spoke to said they had never seen one.

    Go figure.

    BTW, I did have a ProMag .22 drum that started acting up and I called ProMag. The rep told me that there was known problems with that drum and I should pick out something else of equal value from the catalog to replace it with.
    I said I just wanted another drum. Promag sent me a prepaid return shipping envelope and replaced the drum with a new one, within a week, no questions asked, all with no receipt.
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    I think I know a guy who might know something about the ProMag 30-round drum: