Anyone use TulAmmo (from Russia) in CF380?

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  1. Anyone have experience using TulAmmo (marked as From Russia) in their High Point .380acp? Seen a box at the local Walmart and was wondering how good/bad they were.
  2. Ive never shot Tula in 380 but I would bet they work as well as their other calibers. I have no problems ever with any Tula ammo. Try some, I think you will be pleased. Plus good price.

  3. Moestooge

    Moestooge Member

    No problems with Tula .380 ACP here.
  4. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    Use it in all my Hi-Points. Shoots fine. Dirty as hell.
  5. Thanks. Works but seems to be dirty, ok. I was surprised to see made in Russia in Walmart as 98% of what they sell is made in China:)
  6. bluharley

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    That makes me wonder, why don't we have chinese ammo?
  7. greg_r

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    Can't be legally imported
  8. bluharley

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    Why not? We import everything else.
  9. cicpup

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    They waste all their powder on fireworks.
  10. There is a ban on chinese guns and ammunition. I don't know why. I was to young to care. But it stems from the Clinton administration
  11. wganz

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    Couple of things. Klinton did it to throw people off track of the ChiCom campaign donations he was getting. There is always the (D) desire to prevent the US population getting too well armed even if it was with mediocre ChiCom ammo. Norinco also got caught shipping conex's of full auto AK47's into California.
  12. RobbK

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    I shoot Tula ammo all the time in all of my firearms (except my shotguns) and have had zero issues with it. It is dirty but I have come to enjoy the giant cloud of acrid smoke every time I pull the trigger. Do not let ammo snobs talk you out of steel cased ammo the amount of extra wear it might cause is negligible.
  13. SWAGA

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    I use Tula anytime I can find it in my .45 JHP
    ( yes I know it's not a .380 lol)
  14. Works fine in mine. No misfeed issues.
  15. My CF380, and my daughters CF380 DOES not like Tula steel, and the Ruger LCP will not cycle it, but the JHP45 eats it, and the ATI 1911 .45 will consume it ok.
  16. manzig

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    My Taurus hated that ammo. I know its not a cf380 just throwing in my 2 cents
  17. tomwlkr

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    had a feed prob with my .45, front edge of casing was catching on front edge of magazine. took a small file and beveled front edge of mag, no more problems
  18. mcmar

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    You are absolutely would think that Walmart is a Chinese Corp. with, like you said...98% Chinese made. Of course, the US Govt. is the cause...the corporate tax rate forces companies to find cheaper source because of yea ol American greed.

    Moving on, I have fired over a thousand rounds of Tulammo in my 380 and not one problem. Lucky me...
  19. longman420

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    My 380 gobbles 'em up

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    Have put over 500 rounds of TulAmmo through my C9, after prolonged firing of these rounds through my C9 feeding becomes an issue and the gun will jam a lot. My gun is under 2000 rounds fired still and as per owner's manual I will not be cleaning by gun until it hits 2000 rounds, then I will do a complete disassembly and cleaning. And I'll also get the Joey trigger at that time