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    Has anyone used their HP in any kind of competition? I have one coming up in March and want to try my 995 and my C9. Am I nutz?
  2. Nope, not at all. There was a member on the old forum that had used a C9 in an IPSC shoot or IDPA or some such and won the damn thing with it.... As long as you practice enough, they are as good for competition as any other.

  3. I wouldn't hesitate one moment taking my JHP 45 to a competition. It's a lot more accurate than my 1911.
  4. I'll be using my 995 this spring / summer in shoots at my club. If you have not competed before, talk with someone who has in the type of event you're looking at. I had two magazines for my C9 - in my first pistol shoot I would've needed 7 or 8 of them to complete a round. You want to make sure you have enough!
  5. I will be using my 995 for some 3 gun. I might even use my C9 for the pistol match once or twice....... I need more 10 rd mags.....
  6. My HP 40 and 45 are the best shooting guns I own. My new 995 is also perfect for 25 and 50 yards. I was getting 2 and 3 inch groups at the range.
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    I not trying to be an arse But I highly doubt the story of a hi point winning the IDPA or IPSC

    As No hi-point has won an IDPA, results can be found on line,
    And if you continue to look around you will see no hi-points. even in the smaller events

    AS for IPSC a little harder, well a lot harder to track results. Most likely due to being bored after searching the IDPA.

    ANY WAY, . Same no hi-point winners. or mentions.

    I could however have missed the date or event of the results were a hi poinnt wins,

    My thoughts on this are someone just talking a bunch o smack hidden behind there screen.

    Hi point is acurate enough, But I cant seem to believe that they are as acurate or more than MAtch grade or hell I just say it.

    MY XD9 is more accurate, right out of the box, I am very sure I have said this before. However the diff is not such a big dif that the biginner shooter will notice.

    I would believe if some one really, THAT IS REALLY IN REAL LIFE, shot IDPA or IPSC and won and was a memeber of this forum they would post the date and event and link to the results.

    Take Tuarus for example, I'm Willing to bet if he were to win using any Fire arm he'd be all about posting links and dates.

    Not just the oh yeah I entered a contest and won.

    Highly unlikely.

    Again not trying to call any one a lier, But it is hard to believe when The results show no such win

    Now I know you are diyng to tell me how they only mention winner name, YES YES,.

    Try search IDPA hi-point. If one such SNS were to win it would have its moment of fame.

    like i said i could be wrong
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    I don't know if anyone has won an IPSC event with a Hi Point but I do know many gun clubs hold IPSC matches thru-out the US but they may not be posted on the "national website". If someone has won an event locally please post the date and place of said match.
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    I say, even if you don't win, TAKE IT! The press will be amazing for the brand, and will hopefully turn some snobs onto HP.
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    take the gun... what do you have to loose?
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    None of the club pistol matches i shot when i lived in ND were ever posted on the internet. I never shot any with a HP either.

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    I think Glockman used too.. I have had heard of more then a few that do. If you are just getting started at it it would be a little before you would out shoot your Hi-Point. I would not worry about not doing well cause of the HI-Point, as the guns normaly shoot very straight. The thing that would be harder to take it all the guff from the the other shooters. But what a joy it would be when the day comes that you smoke those other shooters with your little ole Hi-Point. :p
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    Thanks guys this is not a fancy shmancy thing like IPSC or the like. I guess I should have made that clear in the beginning. This is a competition between 10 local area gun clubs. Some of these guys are pro shooters in the sense that they shoot in the IPSC. I have decided to shoot with my HP. I have seen a few of these guys practicing using Sigs and the like and I can almost shoot as well as them with the HP. The main diff between them and me is the tightness of the group. I have put in lots of hours on the range just so I would be as reliable as my weapon.