Anyone with HVAC experience here?

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  1. So this summer I spent every penny on putting up a chimney for an old wood furnace I had.
    Big furnace did great this past weekend and everyone was happy to be warm, for once.
    Then at 4:00 this morning my son woke me up and had me tuck him back in bed. I heard a squealing Coming from the furnace blower.
    Went down to check on it.

    The one arm holding it on had been broke off and fixed by someone with some metal wire a long time ago. Well that snapped and the motor fell and was spinning against the blower frame. Then when i tried to use coat hanger and hook it back up, the one bottom arm pulled out.

    Anyone know where to get these arm peices and how to attach them?
    They look like they were riveted on?


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  2. Check with a local fireplace shop. That's probably your best bet. I've heated my ranch home for over 25 years. Last time I got fuel oil was 13 years ago. Helps I worked in forestry for a while so I get free wood.

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    ask the guys at your local lumber yard they will know who repairs that stuff. the coupler between the pump motor and impeller on my baseboard heat went a few years ago I searched all over the internet for part numbers and couldn't find it anywhere. Went to my local lumber yard(not a big box one) they had me set up with a guy who had the parts within 20 minutes.

    Also local fabricator might be able to whip something together pretty cheaply.
  4. Thanks guys, Talked to a guy in the machine shop at work. He told me to bring the whole motor in tomorow and take pictures / measurements of the mount. Said he can probably make a new mount out of scrap at work.

    hoping this works out.

    My wife is in love with the wood heat. Its the first time we had a house hotter than 70 degrees in years.
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    Cool beans guys...
    This is why I like this forum.
    You've gotten help within minutes.
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    when i moved out of on my own I swore I would never ever again heat with wood. I grew up in an old double boarded farmhouse that required 2 wood stoves to burn at all times. I made the mistake of showing my dat that when i turned 9 years old I was big enough to start splitting wood. I don't think that for the next 8 years he ever picked up the splitter again. The winter after I moved out he handed the job to my younger brother and when he turned 18 and left dad moved to a house with lease gas. Dad worked as a logger and brought truck loads of chunk wood home in the evening and we would sell firewood and just burn what we needed as we went. My job was to split it and throw it vack on the truck and then we'd go deliver the load after supper. one winter we heated 35 houses. some people bought one load some people bought 10. I would make $10 a pickup load which doesn't seem like much looking back but it seemed pretty good when i was 12.

    Now i miss the freedom to just get as warm as i want and not worry how big the gas bill will be in January.
  7. It is defintely a lot of work. But hard work is good for you.

    This year I will probably be getting a permit and taking wood off the state game lands.

    I just wish the guy i bought my house off of hadn't logged the lot for all it was worth. I have very few good mature trees to take on my own. Im probably going to start prowling the woods for dead and fallen trees no one is taking.
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    So how cold is it there already? It isn't even winter yet!!
    It was in the 80s here yesterday
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    80 ' s here too in CO but my friends in ny were complaining about it snowing already.
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    i insulated my workshop saturday it was in the 30s. It was down in the 20s this morning. The weather girl says its suposed to be in the 70s tomorrow.
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    You could prolly do that yourself, if you have materials...
    I learned fabrication in 1990, it's a great skill! But you need
    tools, materials, and some knowledge ;)

    The bracket probably just bolts to the motor frame and the brackets
    just fill the space between the motor and fan housing. You can bolt to
    the back of the motor, but do not cover up the vents, that is how the
    fan motor stays cool. :eek:
  12. It was flurrying yesterday.

    high 30's and at night it was a good solid freeze. So to answer your question. pretty freaking cold. :mad:
  13. I would love to learn fabrication. Generally the tools are pretty pricey. I look for yard sales but never have the cost.

    Those arms are riveted to the motor in the 3 places. Then bolted to the blower housing. The shaft stick through and is some how attached to the actual blowers.

    I will try and get the blower off tonight, so the machine shop guys can help me out, or make a new bracket.

    I have done a lot of work to this furnace to get it operational. Shame i didnt look at the blower much.

    welded a few cracks, ground the rust and painted it. new fire bricks, new gasket, Re formed the ash pan, did the whole works.
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    John Lingenfelter (RIP) had a fabrication article in Car Craft or another car rag,
    and he said hand tools and a drill press can handle MOST Fabrication needs, if
    you have a welder or access to one. Pretty much true! I have done a lot of
    small fab with hand tools. You can hand build small pieces and then weld them
    to make bigger stuff. IMAGINATION is your best tool! ;)
  15. Yeah, it really is the hardest too. atleast for me. I struggle with original thought on creating things.

    I build the same lego garage and house for my son for the last 6 years HA.

    I also cant draw for sh*t. Just not that creative. :blush:
    I enjoy finding things to fix though.
    always a project for the DIY used car and home owner on a budget :rofl:

    I often get stressed trying to figure out how to get everything done in time. But then i remember I'm blessed. I Haven't been bored or lonely in years! :rofl:
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    My neighbor is in his 80s and has spent his life working as a fabricator building many of his tools from other peoples cast off junk. I've watched him do all sorts of interesting things everything from fixing kids bikes(won't charge for kids) to building his own hydraulically opperated front bucket for a riding lawn mower.
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    The last couple weeks, it's been in the mid 20s in the mornings here and warming up to mid to upper 70s in the afternoon. Only going to warm up to lower 60s this week tho because of rains. I've still got about a cord of lodgepole pine to split and need to still buy 2 more cords before it starts snowing.
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    You still in PA or did you move to Canada? :D
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    as a fellow PA resident I also find myself pondering how my house was moved to the great white north.