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Okay here is what you do to test this.

1) Put an EMPTY magazine in your C9. Inspect for any signs of live rounds in the chamber or anywhere else in the gun or in the magazine.
2) Take out the magazine and release the slide (to the closed position)
3) Put the magazine back in and dry fire the weapon
4) Now with the magazine in the gun, slowly pull back your slide. Does it make noise or is it smooth and quiet ?

My gun and the gun that was bought with it on the same day (serials xxx587 and xxx585) both make noises when being cocked. When you pull the slide back slowly (where you are actually cocking the gun) mine makes a crick crick crack(x2) and crunch when cocking the gun. Im wondering if all C9's do this like the shaking in the handle, or do both of our guns both have a problem (broken spring?). I had noticed the noise before but what brought it to my attention is recently my gun has been failing to fire rounds, and when it does it looks like it barely leaves a dint on the primer.The primer isn't a dud because the round will shoot if you put it back in the gun and try again. The other gun doesn't do this yet, but it only has about 100 rounds through it, my gun has 400+ through it. So what do you all think is the problem?
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