Apparently there is a wrong way to reassemble JHP

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  1. So.. got called by a friend of my family.. he took apart his JHP... all the way to bare frame :rolleyes: and then put it back together somehow that he couldn't cock it... I told him i would look at it and see if I can get it working.... well.
    3 things became clear to me that the way he put it back together, was not the right way..
    1) cant pull slide back to pin for disassembly, cant put safety lever in notch for disassembly either.

    2) safety does not engage slide at all (aha. Thats where the jam is.)

    3) the J hook thing with spring cannot move, after removing grip panel to see where things are.

    So.. my dad is going to call HP first thing on Monday and see about shipping it to them for warranty work, after he gets the go-ahead from his friend to ship it back.

    This is going to be interesting to hear what the Mothership says for the Hi Point...
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    He put the sear in backwards. Pull back on the slide while squeezing the trigger and see if you can get the slide back far enough. If that doesn't work, remove the right grip and pull down on the sear cam/ sear.

  3. Is the sear cam the angled rectangle thing under the right side panel thats connected to the trigger bar? I cannot pull it down enough to release anything
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    Unrelated to the slide not going back, but, If he took it to the frame chances are he drove the large barrel pin in too far and that's why the LRHO won't budge. Tap the pin out till the LRHO moves freely but not so much it rubs on the slide.
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    Yup. Work at it. Just needs to come down enough so the firing pin can pass over the sear. There's a chance he installed one or both of the drop safeties wrong and that's preventing the sear from dropping as it should. Had one that I had to remove the sear cam, wrap a wire around the sear pin/peg and have a friend pull down on it while I pulled the slide back. Be persistent.
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    Moral of the story....don't break them down that far, and you can put a lot of rounds through them before you have to even take the slide off.
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    Hint: I'm pretty sure I remember there is a left and right to the pins as well. Drive them out or in from the wrong direction will damage the frame.

    Someone confirm or flame this cause I don't remember for sure.

    Hint: Lots of guns have one way pins. Always know before you hit.
  8. Got it home with me from my dads friend.okay. here are the things to confirm.
    With the magazine disconnect bar out of the way, I can pull down the sear bar with the trigger but the slide is still impacting something.
    It should look like this?
    With magazine disconnect bar in place.

    Pushing slide as far as I can, J hook with spring is stuck there.
    For those who may claim I don't have thumb strength; me pushing the handgun down as far as I can with slide on bench edge. Notice the large space to go to the slide lock notch.
    Safety lever on Fire position, flush with frame.
    Safety lever forced into Safe position, it is now out of the recess and not flush.
    With panels reinstalled; safety lever stops halfway. And has a difficult time getting into position without forcing panel open.

    Does this help you gurus further? Sear bar seems function OK from what I can tell, yet Safety lever and LRHO does not function. Can tell the slide is stopping on something metallic, the firing pin and spring are free floating in the channel (I assume they should not be floating with almost 3/8" of free travel?)
  9. 20171101_092712.jpg View inside magazine well. I stupidly removed the drop safety thing and havent been able to get it back in there just right with the L thing. However it does not appear to affect anything. You can see the firing pin and spring fully floating, nothing to launch it or set anything.
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    1:14 and following. "Me mum always said anything mechanical, give it a good bash"
  11. I'm half tempted to dremel off a portion of the slide just to get to the slide disassembly pin. Seems the round ring thing thats supposed to be around the long firing pin spring, may have been installed underneath the sear itself or put wrong orientation in the firing pin channel, either way, its stopping the slide from moving far enough back.
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    When you pull down the sear cam is the sear dropping? You should be able to feel the sear spring tension. Is the LRHO seated tight against the head of the large barrel pin or is it caught on the step? If caught then the pin is catching on the LRHO cutout in the slide.

  13. The only tension I can feel is when I pull the sear cam down; but theres no spring pressure on the firing pin whatsoever. I did not feel any sign of sear dropping either. Its possible though.
    The LRHO is pretty much very tight, not sure if its catching on large barrel pin or the step
  14. cicpup

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    There won't be until you can get the slide all the way back. That's when the sear locks the firing pin in the fire position.

    Grab a flashlight and have a lookie-see. The step is actually part of the pin. Check pic I posted.
  15. Okay. 20171101_144635.jpg
    Seems seated properly. Slide pulled back as far as I can go, and the LRHO and large pin is not interfering with anything I can see. There is nothing contacting the pin or LHRO from the slide itself at all. Theres clearance all around it.

    Close up of pin and LRHO in the slot

    Looks correct?
  16. 20171101_145543.jpg Every time I pull the slide, I feel a definite contact stopping the slide from going further. Same place, same feel, so whatever is stuck in there, is not moving, or deforming.
    Edit; marked where the slide stops. Whatever it is, is about that length/thickness. About 1/4 of an inch distance
  17. cicpup

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    OK. This will sound odd. Make sure the counterweight is moving freely both at rest and with the slide pulled back. It's a metal bar running the length of the back strap. Stick a finger in the magwell like you're checking its prostate.
  18. Its out of the gun.. is that what it is?
    I thought it might be a drop safety.
  19. Oh and related to LHRO; its flush against the pin and immobile now. Even when loosened, the thing doesnt want to pivot at all.
  20. cicpup

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    That's it. And it's one of the drop safeties. The other sits under the sear peg on the opposite side of the gun from the sear cam. Unfortunately it can't be seen with the slide installed and if installed incorrectly it could be the problem.