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    I applied for my "Non-Resident permit for the state of NH back the first couple days of Jan. 08. I still have'nt heard anything and when I call the number for permits all I get is a recording and no one ever calls back. If anyone can help me out with this or give me some advice on what to do I would apperciate it very much. Thanx.
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    Don't know about non-resident permits (handled through state police I think) but my resident permit took a day.

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    My resident permit took a couple months or so.
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    Yea, It's run by the NHSP but I have had no luck gettin them to call me back or send me a letter or anything. I guess I'll spend my Monday burnin up the phone lines again. Thanx for the help, if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know. It's just about traveling season and I would like to have ALL my ducks (permits) in a row. Thanx again for all ya'lls help.
  5. That doesn't seem like NH. The resident pistol permit only takes two weeks at the most. I didn't receive a letter either, I just went to the Concord PD and picked it up. Did you drop it off at a location or mail it in? If you dropped it off, I would wager that it is sitting there waiting for you to pick it up.
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    No I mailed it in, it was for a Non-Resident. But I have good news anyway, I was gone for most of the day and when I got home it was in my mail box. It says it was issued 1/28/08. it says on the website it only takes 14 days so I guess they still move mail up there by Pony Express. Oh well it's all good I got it now I have to work on another state. Thanx again for all the input and help.
  7. What did NH charge You for Non Res. AND for how long is it good for?
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    The NH Non-Resident permit is only 20 bucks,and is good for 5 years. You can go to the NHSP website and fill out the form and then print it out and mail it in with chek or money order payable to the NH state treasure. I'm not computer saavy enough to put the website on here the only thing I can do if you want is pm you the addy. It also gives you 8 more states including FL and NH.
  9. Thnx. GrumpyDad, but I am already a NH resident. Just curious as to what they charge a "Non" and for how long.