April is here so soon!

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  1. Can you believe its the last day of March already? Dang this month flew by so fast. I didn't even make it out to the range in March. Why is time flying by so dang fast? I haven't even had a chance to figure out whats going on for April yet.
  2. I feel the same, I haven't made it to the range this month either. Time is going by pretty fast :shock:

  3. tell me about it. I've got 11 days until I can buy an XD!!!11
  4. I'm looking at getting a SOCOM II from springfield and wondering if I'll get to shoot it before summer.
  5. March? You're worried about March?

    My 40th high-school reunion is coming up this summer -- what happened to my _life_? :D
  6. browwiw

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    I can't wait for the weather to straighten itself out and get warm. We're converting our five acres into a "micro-farm" and I want to hurry up and get the chicken coup built and the tomatoes planted.
  7. Kyu

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    I would rather have time fly by than have time stopped for me. Everyday is a great one!
  8. AndrewST

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    They had formal education that far back in time? Wow... :D
  9. OWNED!!!!!!