AR-15 Build

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  1. Does anyone know of a website that gives a step by step assembly guide for building an AR-15?? :roll:

    There is alot of good info on that site.

  3. Just keep in mind, they aren't realy kind to noobs.
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    As the others have said, check over on If you want to look hard enough over there, you can find enough information to build an ar complete from raw forgings. You do run into some of what people here might refer to as gun snobs over there, but most are nice and helpfull. There is so much information already covered there though that if you use the search function you wont have many questions left.
  5. I have a whole step by step some were on a disk or jump drive i will post it when i find it
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    I have a step by step with photos...let me upload it real quick...
  7. Thanks for the help guys. I found everything I need at :wink:
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    See under FAQs on How to Build..... In fact, their entire website and in particular the FAQs section is very good. Whether you are a Bushy supporter or not, they offer some of the best info about ARs, all from a world recognized leader in the manufacturing of these types of rifles. I've owned 2 ARs, one a full factory High Standard Flat top model. My recently acquired and current AR is full upper/lower Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S(Shorty) with 30 round CKay Industries magazine,adj. stock, flat top pic rail,topped with Bushy Mini Risers & a 3x9x40 scope in low rings. Other equip that came with the gun is a detachable handle with top pic rail and a Simmons Blazer 4x32, 100 yd parallax scope in low rings. Buidling an AR would be a hoot,but I prefer to buy uppers and lower guns from the same mfg. vs. a Frankenstein. Good luck,Bud.
  9. Brand name factory rifles are fine, but for some of us builders, we have better rifles than you can buy from any off the shelf manufacturer by building "frankenguns", through parts selection and tailoring to specified use or design. And do it for a lot less than buying a custom rifle.

    The complete brand name rifle usually brings more for resale though...not an issue with me, I rarely sell anything. :)
  10. Onepoint,

    Good advice, thanks, I never sell them either. If I buy something I don't like I trade it for something I do like!!