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AR-15 Flashlight Mounting Options: Bayo Lug?

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Just curious as to whether or not there's any flashlight mounts out there for the AR that would attach to the bayonet lug. The one that attaches to the front post is definitely a favorite of mine. However, I'll never use the bayo lug for what it's meant for, so putting a light on it (if possible) would be ideal. Thanks, guys!!
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I never understood why they put a bayonet lug on it... I mean, we're in modern warfare - the additional weight of a bayonet will outweigh the benefits of having it of you need it, right? I'd rather just pull the trigger. Plus, the AR is, when you come right down to it, two pieces of aircraft aluminum held together by two small pins - It doesn't seem to me that it'd stand up to much hard bayonet work.
Lol...I couldn't agree more. Furthermore, it came to my attention that the bayo lug on the rifle I ordered (in N.Y.) is illegal and the shop didn't catch it. Being able to cover the bayo-lug with a flashlight mount would keep un-wanted attention off of me at the range.

I just don't have the heart to hack it off with a side-grinder... :(
Ah...very nice, Adam.


If I have to buy that little doo-hicky for 36.00, then I have to buy yet another bulky mount to attach to it. That'll set me back at least $50 before flashlight. Meh :(
i have a bayo lug detachable light mount. i'm out of town at the moment but send me an email and i'll get you more details. it's nicely made of aluminum and holds 1" flashlights like surefires. i used it for a little bit before i went to a railed handguard.

Try one of these. I was thinking of getting one. It is also made in the USA 8)

Try one of these. I was thinking of getting one. It is also made in the USA 8)
Honestly, if I don't find a nice bayo-lug mounting option, that's the route I'm going to go. Clean, compact...nice. This whole thing started at Target last night when I found the flashlight wall. Yeah...bad stuff. They carry a good amount of the Inova line which is amazing quality.
You might want to consider this:
or this:

However, IMHO, placing a flashlight on the bayonet lug or front sight tends to put a little too much weight at the end of the weapon and throws the balance off somewhat.

You might like one of these better:

I have the CAA mount with a laser and it works out just right for me, since it aligns perfectly with the barrel.
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