AR-15 Shotgun - Happy B-Day to Me!

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    For several years I’ve been thinking about getting a Saiga 12 shotgun, but with the recent, crazy jump in prices, I couldn’t see me pay close to a grand for a shotgun that requires another wad of money to get it where I would want it.

    Toyed with the idea of getting a KelTec bullpup shotgun, but from what I’ve read, they can be temperamental and a pump verses an auto.

    Wandered away from the idea until I found this:




    Just picked it up and won’t have a chance to shoot it for quite a while, but couldn’t pass it up as a birthday present to myself!

    It’s a MKA-1919 12 ga. The Turks have been using this shotgun for both military and police since 2007. Clever in that the user who is trained on an AR-15 platform can adapt to this shotgun quickly.

    This is the 2nd gen of this shotgun. The first gen was geared to hot loads (military and police), but wasn’t too friendly to light field loads. The manufacturer was quick to respond to customer feedback and redesigned the gas system to handle a wider range of shells.

    Based on a Rem 1100. Chrome lined barrel, two 5 round mags (all steel) and interchangeable chokes.

    Tons of accessories on the market for this shotgun already. 10 round mags, Saiga mag adapters, 20 round drum, aluminum lower receiver (Serial number on upper receiver, so changing the lower isn’t an issue), adapters for AR-15 buttstocks and grips, trigger groups, forward stocks, gas systems, on and on.

    Only 4 items needed to make it 922R compliant. The trigger group counts as three, so add a forward stock and your there.

    $399 at Centerfire Systems!! Plenty of mad money left over to build to my ideas.

    Can’t wait to get out and shoot it!
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    I've thought those were awesome for a while now. Let me know how it works when you fire it!
  4. MaryB

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    I am confused says it meets import requirements so no 922r mods should be required
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    In the link, Complete 922(R) MKA 1919, $1600. The one in the opening post $399, I think.
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    the op's being an imported factory unit and the link is a tricked out 3 gun version. some of those mods may run it uinto 922r compliance issues that need to be fixed by changing out parts to american manufactured versions.
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    I saw a rifle on Atlantic Firearms' site that said the same thing about one of the rifles. The 922r-compliant version cost more than the other, and it confused me, too.

    Theoretically, shouldn't it already be compliant in order to be sold?
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    to the op i find those very interesting myself. I have the ksg through a series of trades it had some early issues after some polishing with steel wool in its chamber it is exactly what i hoped it would be. i can't complain about those issues because it allowed me to get it and make it work properly for a lot less value than normal.
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    NE Utah
    That's a heck of a deal. Only $20 more than my S12 was a few years back.:)

    Let us know how it runs for you!
  10. Its not real! There are no feet in the picture.
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    I'm confused on the whole 922r thing myself. The way I understand it, this shotgun was imported for use for "sporting purposes", which limits it to the 5 round mags., fixed stock, no light, etc. So if I want to use a 10 round mag., or add a new buttstock, I have to do the 922r thing. $100 in parts will get me there.

    The trigger group I'm looking at gets the trigger pull down to 6 pounds and meets three of the four U.S. replacement parts to be 922r compliant to boot.

    If somebody else understands this better, clue us in please.
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    Only way to keep my big feet out of the picture was to use the stairs as a prop!
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    I was gonna get one myself, but 2 things have gave me pause:

    1: The price they list is a cash only price, add 3% for credit cards. Buds does this, but they atleast have the decency to put up the non cash price beside the discounted price so you know what you'll be paying if you use your card. $412 is the price btw.

    You look at their charts and it shows for firearms they charge $14.99 for the 1st gun, then $9.99 for every other gun in that order. THEN it seems they tack on ANOTHER $4.60 charge for 'adult signature required' shipping.

    Sitting at the payment method page of the ordering process, I am showing free shipping and no tax(KY residents only). Now, had I not seen the fine print, I would be thinking I'm only gonna be paying $399.99 for this gun to be shipped to me, but when I actually place my order, they'll adjust it on their invoice to me, which would be a total of $431.59.

    That **** is just shady as **** if you ask me.
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    Your right on target with your cost estimates bscar. Add $20 for the transfer fee and my real cost was right at $450. That's still much cheaper than $600 plus shipping and transfer fee.

    I can't say Centerfire Systems is real communicative, but the shipping was quick at 3 days. And you are correct in that you won't know the final cost until they send you an invoice. But I cut folks some slack when they offer me a good deal.
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    I would hope it'd be quick, as much as they charge.

    If you can change the stock out, I wonder what would happen if you put a slide fire stock on that bad boy with a 10 round mag filled 3" magnum loads

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    I didn't need to know how cheap this price was!

    BTW who ever installed that carpet is a hack. It looks good for now. Looks like no pad on the face of the tread.

    Besides being a "G" gun fan boi I am also a CFI certified flooring installer :p
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    You mean the nosing, Mr. Certified Flooring Installer? The only thing I don't pad on stairs is the riser. I always tried to talk people in to a 1/2" 8-10lb padding at a minimum.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Did I say riser? No. I said face of the tread. I'll draw you a map later if you get lost :D

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    BTW the CRI doesn't like anything thicker than 7/16ths, yet Lowes an HD sell it all day long.........