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  1. Anyone ever see one of these? Does it use blanks? Normal live rounds? Such a cool idea, but I dont know how it would work, I would think the ball would explode if a live round struck it, but a blank wouldnt be powerful enough to launch it would it? Gonna have to research it a little...


    someone else can post the pic as I cant do it from the ol BB
  2. Read some other places, launch with blanks... wonder if I can make 223 blanks?

  3. That's just hilarious!!

    I bet this thing was invented by that guy that drives the ball collector at the local driving range... I guess he figured he'd give those up town yuppies in their $3000.00 suits a taste of their own medicine.
  4. over two bucks a round...plus shipping! nooooo.... there's gotta be a way. Found a guy who has a connection, but don't think he's willing to share the hook up on them.
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    These use black powder and are very well made.
    I have 4 of their miniatures and they are extremely well made, however, I only have up to their 50 caliber.
    Haven't made the jump to their golfball mortar yet ?????????????!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  6. Am I misreading something?

    Royal Ordnance Blanks 223 20/Pack
    Price: $7.99

    20 rds for 8 bucks would be about .40 cents each plus shipping

    Not too awful bad for a specialty round

    Of course, when a person is in the military, they may be able to scrounge up a few of them ;)
  7. That's what i'm trying for...
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    This is not what I was talking about, we put golf balls on Ts at deferent ranges the guy with the lowest shot count wins. (each shooter puts out his own Gballs at the same ranges as everyone else)
  9. This sounds more fun. How else can you hunt squirells with golfballs and an AR at the same time?
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    Now...if you can get this for a Soviet arm (SKS/AK) I'd be ALL over this!

    Better yet, if only you could shove a potato in this.
  11. bet you could get them little red potatos to fit!
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    In the Navy we used .308 blanks to send "monkey fists" (a large ball of rope) with rope attached to the other ships for pulling ropes across during unreps.
    Cant see why you cant use a .223 blank.

    I have shot a Teflon tape-wrapped spark plug across the Ohio river with a high pressure air powered potato cannon. 150 psi....wow takes out small trees, car doors ect.
    I cant imagine hitting a deer with it. Maybe I will post picks in another post as to not hijack. My friend calls it "Exhibit A" figuring we would beet the police at naming it.
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    Neo, All you gotta do is ask ...
  14. Think, when we're kids we play with toys that shoot balls and pretend it's real. Here we are, grown ass men, paying EXTRA to turn our real guns back into toys! But those are flat out cool! Oh and griff, these are designed to fire with a blank, problem is they seem to be pricey, but prices comin down as people find better deals.
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    Just be careful.
    I found out that depending on the caliber, there are multiple blanks available for different purposes.
    For example, in the 7.62 SKS/ AK world, there are parade blanks and there are REAL grenade launching blanks. Big difference.
    I took some of the following cartridges to the SAR gun show to try and positively identify which were which and which did what.

    7.62 NATO M82 Blank
    7.62 M965 Blank
    7.62 M43 Blank

    I got a different answer from everyone I asked.
  16. If only Mr Moogle was here...
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    That guy was amazing!
  18. IS amazing, he'll be back, just give him a few more months.
  19. 100 yards isn't very far when you consider with my driver I hit it 275-290.