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Discussion in 'Training' started by Back2School, Nov 12, 2014.

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    So I just got my AR and I am a total noob to them. Dont laugh, but I have a class at Gander Mountain this weekend to learn about the AR. Some range time, teardowns and such. Sounded like a fun afternoon hanging out with other gun guys and learning something I probably dont know.

    Now, since I just got my AR and havent even shot it yet, what do you recommend I do before I take it out there? Brakedown and clean I am sure - so I will probably check some youtube videos today but is there anything I should focus on?
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    I've always found focusing on your target works extremely well

  3. I bet more guns get broke, or a bad rap. From people tearing them down and cleaning them before they shoot it. Than anything else

    .....I'm just sayin.
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    I never was a big fan of cleaning before shooting until I bought my 10/22. FIrst day at the range it was double feeds and jams non stop. Worst time I ever had shooting a gun. I took it home, tore it down, cleaned it up and havent had an issue since.

    After that I have always done a cleaning before shooting
  5. IF you have a good mechanical aptitude its probably a good idea.

    I dont, and im sure there are a lot of people who tear there guns down farther than they meant to.

    So i usually just spray some de-greaser, and bore snake them.

    Check the rails and slides for build up.

    Then shoot it. So i know it worked before i start digging.

    And i still only ever tear guns down to the manufacture suggestion.

    Its just me, if i tear them down past the manual instructions, i wont get it back together. Thankfully i learned this lesson with a hi-point years ago.

    So i just sent it back when i got tired of playing puzzle. and it came back nice and new.
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    Hmmm...I was thinking somethign along these lines if I get that Mp15-22 since it is basically the same as an AR

    I really don't know much about them. I checked on out at Field & Stream yesterday and the guy had to show me how to sue the charging handle. I was looking on the sides of the receiver.

    Luckily for me my buddy who is selling it is a tactical weapons instructor, so I'll probably just meet him at the range and have him show me what i need to know
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    Biggest difference is that the MP15-22 is blowback-operated, rather than direct impingement, (or piston driven in some cases). That being the case, it doesn't have a gas block, gas tube, and "gas key" (bolt carrier key). The MP15-22 also doesn't have a forward assist.

    The MP15-22 is much more simple to take care of.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    First thing I would do is punch the bore a few times with a patch soaked with Hoppes #9 bore cleaner . Then with a bore brush punch the bore a couple times then let it soak for 15 min . Next run patches thru the bore until the patch is completely clean & dry then with quality gun oil patch the bore a couple times to lubricate it

    Doing this procedure removes the cosmoline coating inside the bore that the mfg places inside it to protect the bore from rusting before it is sold to the new gun owner . This will also improve the accuracy of the firearm by keeping a clean bore . Another is proper break in procedure by shooting a set # of rounds a repeating this
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    NE Utah
    This, totally. And then a bit of lube on the wear points.

    Because of what USMC_VET wrote... isn't really cosmoline, and it isn't usually that heavy.

    And the "proper" break in procedure isn't set in stone, either.;)

    Hey, if you haven't yet...take out the bolt carrier and take it apart, its REALLY easy, but you must do the steps in the right order. Clean it off, lube it up, (NOT THE FIRING PIN) and put it back together, and back in.
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    I ALWAYS give my guns a decent cleaning/oiling before taking them to the range. I don't do a complete teardown, but just as far at the manual will take me. I also pay special attention to scrubbing under the extractor.
  11. planosteve

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    I've got an old electric toothbrush that has the little round thing at the end and I use it for cleaning under the extractor,works great
  12. FlashBang

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    Exercise some restraint and take the class this weekend before you go tearing stuff apart. ;) Cleaning is a very small part of owning a weapon, learning how it operates so that you use it safely is #1. Take the time to learn how to use it first.. then worry about cleaning it.

  13. Back2School

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    Other than the weird charging handle, different safety, and teardown, what's do different with the AR than my other semi auto rifles? Am I missing something?
  14. Buy an AK, there's no learning curve...

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    NE Utah
    The AR is FAR simpler to tear down and re-assemble.;)

    Seriously. Here's how to do the bolt.

    Unload, and check it again.
    Make sure its unloaded.
    Make sure the bolt is forward.
    You can pull the trigger or not, no difference until you I leave it cocked.

    1 Push out the rear pin, let the barrel drop down, exposing the rear of the bolt carrier.

    2 Pull the charging handle back 4-5 inches, which will pull the bolt carrier back.

    3 Grab the bolt carrier, pull it the rest of the way out. You can leave the charging handle in if you want.

    4 Take the "cotter pin" out of the side of the bolt. It holds the firing pin in.

    5 Pick up the bolt carrier with the bolt up, the firing pin will drop down out the rear.

    6 Now push the bolt back into the carrier, the cam pin will slide in the groove and now be toward the left side of the carrier, out from under the gas key.

    7 Twist the cam pin 90 degrees, and it will pull out of the carrier. You can use a fingernail to pull it up, or just invert the carrier and smack it into your palm, the pin will fall out.

    8 Pull the bolt out the front of the carrier.

    Wipe it down, admire the cute little thing, make sure the gas seal rings on the bolt are arranged so no gaps are lined up, and call it good.

    Putting it together...reverse steps, making sure when you put the bolt into the carrier, that the ejector is on the correct side of the bolt as you line up the hole for the cam pin.

    Easy peasy.;)
  16. Rachgier

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    These guys have you covered pretty well B2S. It really is that simple. After a half dozen breakdown and assemblies, you'll be pretty stinkin' good at it. I'll even save some of these pogues the trouble and say it myself.

    If they can teach a squad bay full of Jarheads how to do it in an hour or two, you'll be just fine.
  17. cicpup

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    That's simple? My old Mossy shotguns are simple.

    1 - open bolt

    2 - aim upward

    3 - pull trigger

    4 - catch bolt before it hits the floor
  18. USMC_VET

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    Clean it like how I had my Marines do it after ea range detail

  19. Far easier to tear down and reassemble than any other semi auto rifle... Are you being serious? Look how long that explanation is...

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  20. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yeah...did you miss the part about it being a semi auto?:cool:

    Sure...but actually doing it takes almost 25 seconds.

    If you go slow.:rolleyes: