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  1. Ridge

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    So I have an EOTech 511 on my AR now, which is tacti-cool and all...but Im a range plinker...Ive been thinking about selling the EOTech and buying an ACOG...still tacticool, but more supports the longer range shooting I am doing...

    What do you all think?

    EOTech - 1x magnification

    ACOG - 3.5x magnification

    The weapon:
  2. Have you considered getting an EOTech 3x magnifier on the flip mount?

    That way you can flip the mag in for range and out again for the close up stuff the EO excels at.

  3. Just get an EOTECH magnifier with a swivel mount. When you want magnification, swing it into position. If you always want the magnification, they make fixed mounts too.

    eta: NCLivingBrit just beat me to it.
  4. Ridge

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    Gah but the price of $300 for a monocular is disgusting to me...and the ACOG looks cooler, I think :)

    But, its only a long range plinker...thats a lot of hardware on there for what a scope can do by itself...
  5. elguapo

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    Here is an alternative:

    I have one, and I like it. Although with the carry handle mount, you dont get a decent cheek weld. However, the optics are clear and bright. If you search the FalFiles, there are projects that put in tritinum or somesuch that illuminates the pointer in lowlight condistions. I have to say, that when first seeing the upside down "hotdog poker" as the pointer, you quickly get used to it for fast follow up shots.
  6. Ridge

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    But then I have to drop $75 on a carry handle :p
  7. elguapo

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    Read again: they offer the flattop mount :) And not for $75.

    You actually know how much an ACOG is? ANd you whinin' about prices now? mmmkay......
  8. An ACOG is insanely expensive if you want one that hasn't been stolen or been to hell. Both things you must watch. I have an Eotech 512 and love it.

    Elguapo, how's that fakepoint magnifier working out? Wondering if that would be a good option. Have been toying with the idea of getting one and a flip mount.
  9. So the $1300 price for an ACOG is easier to digest than a $300 addition the $3-400 you already spent? You must be a Gub'ment economist for a living :)

    That Trilux is interesting though. It looks like an export version of the SUSAT sights. I got to try one back in the day on the SA-80 and I found it a pleasure to shoot.... Might have to invest in one for my AR. Thanks for the link elguapo!
  10. Ridge

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    Actually I found an online retailer with new Ta33R8s for $719...
  11. Ari

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    I barley come up with money for the gun. Let alone $700 for the scope.. It would be one thing if I made my living with my weapon, but just for a range gun? :shock: I guess if you got it spend it.......... :lol:
  12. Ridge

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    Ya know, they tax you to recieve money, they tax you to give money, they tax you to keep money...only way to avoid taxes is to invest in physical items :)
  13. So then they can tax you for spending money? :-D Well internet is usually devoid of taxes, for now.
  14. elguapo

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    That price for your buddies ACOG is more than I paid for my AR.

    Taurus: Stay away from Ebay Aimpoint Clones!! Mine stopped working 2 mins after I turned it on. I knew it might be a grenade, when I pulled the pin on buying it...
  15. I meant the magnifier. Last I remeber, you said it was working out well for ya. Was thinking about getting one, but with my BUIS I'm outta smace unless I move my EOTech way forward or remove the BUIS