AR Pistol in 300 BLK

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    So I got out to the range with my new "pistol." It is an AR Pistol in 300 AAC Blackout.

    [Pictured without the red dot optic]

    I bought the "Wendiego" from Kari's Guns.

    I took the default selections, forward directing flash can, etc. I opted for both iron sights and the Holosun 403C solar for the ability "co-witness."

    I had it shipped to a LGS which seems to cater to Base personnel. Didn't have much stock under the small glass counter but was doing business one after another for FFL transfers shipped to him, suppressors, etc. When it was my turn, I filled out the paperwork and he asked for the, get this, FIVE DOLLAR ($5) FFL transfer fee... I handed him my card. He doesn't run cards for that little so he "donated" the fee to me (ran it for free). I told him that I needed more ammo so I would buy a box as well so that it would be worth it to run my card but he said no. He gets some good word of mouth from me. This guy. Patronize him:

    The rifle was shipped in its assembled large parts. Upper, lower, the two pins, sights, and optic. The BCG and barrel are nitrided. The handguard is keymod, and the lower is forged and CNC'ed 7075-T6 aluminum. The irons are standard AR adjustment but thumb-tighten clamp on to the top rail. Everything was nicely blacked and seemed to fit just fine. No finish issues that I could see. I didn't see any milling marks or anything which would make me think this is an entry level build, though it does have an entry level price tag. Ships with one Magpul magazine; 30 rounds for most or 10 rounds for states which restrict.

    I did a laser bore sight at ~25 yards, back yard, and I finally got to take it out to zero on Friday afternoon. Instead of putting zeroing targets at the 25, I ended up having to stick them at the 50. ...and I forgot my binocs. I used 2-round "strings" to zero but because I couldn't see the hits, I was walking 100 yards after every 2 shots in order to check where I was hitting. :D 6 rounds to zero, (3 x 2-shot groups). First shots with irons were 6" low and 6" right. I never did the the height just right. Even after I had cranked the front down as low as it would go and the rear as high as it would go, it was still about 3" low at 50. Oh well, if I ever have to use irons (I'm not worried about it), I'll just have to use a bit of Kentucky Windage. The actual windage was right on after my first adjustment. If I ever have to adjust AR style front sights again, I'm going to buy blasted AR sight tool because doing with an allen wrench and pliers is stupid and irritating.

    The Holosun 403C is rated to no less than, get this, 30,000 hours continuous run time. Some sources say 50,000. And it has a solar cell supplement. And it has an auto shutoff with an auto on with movement. This is effectively a lifetime battery. Not too long ago, I bought a red dot with an 8 hour run time and thought that was OK. It's a full day at the range, after all. By the time this battery on the Holosun finally dies, what will be the new standard at the same price point as the Holosun? It doesn't even have an off button. This is why I'm not worried about ever having to use my irons. But it does have some neat features, even besides a 5 year run time. Toolless installation. The elevation/windage caps have a blade protrusion on the top so that you can turn them over and use the cap to adjust the windage/elevation.

    My first shots with the Holosun were 6" low and about 3" left. A few clicks and 4 more rounds (two sets of 2), and it was hitting center at 50.

    I've really got to get a better rest. I've been using closed cell packing foam. It has a lot of advantages, such as being all weather, but it is not quite as solid as I would really like. I think maybe I'll sew some dry beans into cut off blue jean legs.

    I fully expected that the 300 BLK would be uncomfortable to shoot. First, it's chucking a heavier bullet than my 5.56. Second, it has the forward directing flash can (linear compensator) which means more felt recoil (but less noise directed rearward). Finally, it has that oh-so-comfortable Shockwave Blade (which I accidentally might have shouldered 12 times or so). But no, I was wrong. The recoil didn't feel much more than a standard 5.56 from a carbine length AR. It was much more comfortable to shoot than I expected.

    This pistol exceeds expectations on quality and usability for its price point. Kari's Guns nailed it.

    I need for my usual reloading gear supplier (FS Reloading) to get in 300 BLK dies because, right now, they're out of stock. I am going to need to build a lot of ammo for this gun because it is fun to shoot.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  2. I've got the Springfield Armory Saint pistol in 300 Blackout with 9" barrel. It's a lot of fun to shoot and I've been using 110 grain bullets over H110 powder. Converting LC 556 brass into 300 BO is like therapy for me.
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    I stopped listening to the AR-15 podcast because they panned the saint pistol without ever even touching one, never mind shooting one. When I sent them a message complaining about that, I got a snarky reply. Screw them. I have no time for a supposed podcast that focuses on that platform which won't even try it before giving a negative review.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    KLAWSON, I remember a day when you had no .223, 5.56 or AR hardware at all. I'm proud of you for getting the .300 BO and showcasing it for us! I am getting a bit more like you in that I am more into the fine old school metal frame pistols. I just need to shoot more these days LOL
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  5. I don't know what they had against the Saint. I did see some negative reviews about the gas adjusting system when it came to using heavy bullets in the 200+ range. I don't plan on doing that. I'm happy using the 110 grainers. I have to intention of suppressing it. If I wanted to suppress anything it would be my 4595. Makes more sense to me.
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    Springfield irritated the "commentary community" by over-hyping the rollout for the Saint, complete with yoga-pants-wearing chicks and tacticool whizzers, before even letting on that it was just another AR they were hyping. Then it turns out that the Saint was fitted with some entry level hardware, to whit, the handgard so that if you do a half dozen mag dumps, the handguard would melt. The "commentary community" felt gypped or something and turned their ire to an otherwise OK product. Was it the sensational "whoa! that's awesome!" that Springfield hyped it? No. Is it bad product worthy of their continuing hate? No. The "commentary community" is being petty, short sighted, and insular. It's the same thing they did with the rollout of the Remington R51 Gen 2. As much as they like to complain about their political adversaries doing it, they often have their own echo chamber and self feedback loop and they don't like to have that pointed out any more than the anti-freedom crowd does.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  7. It is good to see another .300 AAC Blackout firearm out there. I love the round and see it continually getting more popular. Among the cheapest magazines out there are AR-15 magazines in my opinion.

    My sixteen year old son also said the recoil is not too bad when firing an AR-15 in .300 AAC Blackout.
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    Mine cost me adding .300 BO stickers to several mags I already had...Which I'm sure is what you were alluding.
  9. Presently I do not own a 5.56 x 45 rifle. I do have a conversion to 9 millimeter Luger for this AR-15 though.

    Edit: My 9 millimeter Luger upper assembly for the AR-15 was manufactured by Karri's Guns.
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    Karris guns are great.
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