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  1. Hey everybody :) First of all, sorry for not being around at all as of late! I still check in on here every now and then just to see how things are going, but things have been beyond crazy as of late and I haven't had much time to sit down and relax. Well, tonight I almost got killed coming home from work when I hit an icy patch and spun out of control in my car. Ended up in a massive snow bank on the verge of slidding down a steep hill. I decided after that to spend a few minutes relaxing :)

    Anyway, I'm just curious about AR's, mainly what's the best bang for your buck? I'm on a very tight budget as usual. I'd be willing to get the upper and lower seperately as well, so that's an option as well (I know at least a few of you have done this yourselves).

    Anyway, that's about it. I see lots of stuff has really changed over the past few months, like the FF forum going bye bye (probably for the best that) and NEO becoming a mod (woot for you Neo!!!) so it's good to kinda work my way back into the thick of things :)

  2. If you want to get a cheap AR and not worried about a ding here or there, check out CMMGs bargain bin ARs. Here's the ad and link:

    $570 Used Bargain Bin Rifle

    All rifles currently in inventory are hand select-This is where the $20 increase has come from. We will add the option of non-hand select when they become available again. We typically only sell these rifles at gun shows, but have collected way too many of them. Most all parts are brand new on the inside, this includes barrels, bolt/carriers, internals, buffer & spring but have external flaws due to being stored in "bulk" and are listed as being used. Lowers are a mix of manufactures and include CMMG, DPMS,and Doublestar.
    None of these rifles will win any beauty contests, but will make a excellent truck or trunk guns. All rifles have been test fired and all are as-is.

    These are available through the website only. Do not call about these; no orders will be taken over the phone. Only the rifles that are listed below are available. If we run out of a particular contour it will be removed from the sale page, please do not ask us for special barrel profiles. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us at [email protected]. Please put your dealer's name/address in the "ship to" on the checkout. Please have your dealer email his license to [email protected] or fax it to 660-248-2290 and reference your name or order number. There are no quantity, military or LE discounts on these. Bargain bin rifles are NOT compliant with any current state specific bans.

    A3 flat top, 1/9 twist, 4150 Chrome-moly Vanadium barrel, Non Chrome lined, 5.56 chamber. Listed barrel length is without flash Hider.

    Available configurations are currently:

    16" M4

    16" H-BAR

    20" H-BAR

    The 16" carbines come with 4 position stocks. The 20" rifles come with new A1 stocks. Hand select only pertains to external condition, not lower receiver brand.

    Shipping is $15 per rifle (even if the checkout doesn't indicate it). No accessories come with the firearms and again, these are as-is. Again, hand select does not apply to make, we cannot guarantee a certain brand.
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    As far as new factory built ar's, look at dpms and olympic arms. Both offer nice weapons for less than $700.

    The CMMG bargain bin rifles are priced very well as other have stated.

    Finaly, if you are the do it yourself type, you can pick up a complete kit, minus the lower receiver from for $495 and pick up a stripped lower for around $100 or so and build your own rifle.
  4. My ar has a dpms lower and It's very nice. Be sure to stick with a milspec lower. Also some food for thought, I recently found out tjat the lower reciever needs to be ffled, the upped does not. This is why u'll see a lot of these kits that you ad the lower. Pick up a copy of shotgun news to see you have tons of options. To buy mine, I went to and posted a wtb ftf ar flattop blah blah amnd within a couple days had several options for ftf in my town.
  5. Thanks for all the info and feedback guys :) It's nothing I'll be able to do in the very near future, but something I'm thinking about doing over the next year or so.
  6. I just kept saving up a few bucks at a time, got close, and started selling computer stuff to get the last chuck of money. Got mine alot sooner then I thought I would have been able to, so you never know. Just keep an eye out on a deal and see what you'll find.
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    Stay away from Olympic! DPMS is alright. If you really want to get some fun out of it, and save a few bucks, building your own is the way to go! Any Millspec lower is fine, but Anvil Arms has receivers with a free laser engraving upgrade for $100. It's the best deal on the MKT right now.
  8. What's wrong with Olympic? No experience with them, but havn't heard anything bad about them.
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    What is required to build an AR on your own from a kit? That's something I've thought about looking into. Are they difficult to do? How much work is involved?

  10. I'm thinking about going the kit route as well :) It does look at lot less expensive than buying one put together, and I think it would be a ton of fun as well :)

    Squeak, from what I'm finding, you can buy kits that will give you everything you need to build one except the stripped lower. That you'll have to get someplace else and have shipped through an FFL. The rest you can get shipped right to your house it seems.

    There are two stites listed above that have kits. The first one is I checked them out and they seem to have pretty good prices with a lot of options. The second one was just posted today and I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but I will do so at some point today.

    Anyway, that's what I've figured out so far. I'm not at all an expert, so anybody else is welcome to tell me how wrong I am on any point :)

    EDIT: Just noticed that the second site I was talking about is for lowers only. Good prices on them as well from what I can see :D
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    Thanks, I'm gonna look into it. I shouldn't have any issues putting the kit together. I field stripped enough of these puppies when I was in the Army ROTC in college. We'd have regular trips to the range, and my frist year (we grunts) had to field strip and clean all the weapons the next day after our range trip. Boy it was nice to move up the ranks and get out of cleaning all those weapons :)
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    Don't forget to look at RockRiver... They are very well done.
  13. Rock River and Stag are two good ones for sure. There are many quality AR markers out there, can't really go wrong so long as you know what you getting and have done some reading on them first.
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    Nothing necessarily wrong with them, they're just cheaply produced, and just slapped together. For the money there are better options. Olympic is probably the ONLY company still selling those garbage cast aluminum (not forged like the real ones). If you do decide to get Oly, make sure it's forged, and not cast.
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    Not trying to dis anybody's weapons there Kagern I'm sure yours is a fine weapon indeed.

    Oly stopped producing them a couple of years ago, but you'll still see them for sale in stores. It's better for an inexperienced fellow to just stay away from them all together, and not risk getting stuck with a piece of garbage.

    I don't have anything against Oly personally, but they do leave some to be desired in terms of quality and workmanship. I'm sure there are plenty out there that perform great their whole lives without issue. There are just better guns out there for the same, or less, money.
  18. Ok, now I have another quick question. During the bad 'ol days of the assult weapons ban, what parts were still made available for people to buy in order to replace parts on existing rifles, and what parts were not available at all?