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  1. Dane

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    What eye relief is recommended? Any scopes recommended for one?

    I was firing a friends recently at range and had to get so close to the scope that it broke my glasses with the recoil!! :mad:

    Any kind of brake recommended over the flash suppressor?
  2. planosteve

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    Witt Machine for muzzle brakes. Made my 30-06 ruger kick like a 223. They are not cheap but they are worth every penny.

  3. Branth

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    What do you want it for? Long-range precision stuff, ACOG-style mid-range, or up-close red-dot work? What features do you want? What price range?

    I ended up going with the Primary Arms 1-6X for mine. The BDC is supposedly compatible with .308, though I haven't been able to test it at range yet, though on paper my handloads should match. It's only $179, and reviews say it's great, and I've liked it so far. Illuminated reticle, 1-6X magnification, bullet drop compensation and rangefinding tools, and good reviews online. I figure I should be able to do minute-of-bad-guy out to 500 yards or so, but haven't been able to find a 500 yard range to test it at.
  4. The best scope I have ever found under 300 bucks is the Bushnell Legend Ultra Hd. Shock proof, water proof, fog proof and the glass is crystal clear.

    That's what I rock on my ar-10. As far as muzzle breaks I have this on mine.
  5. FlashBang

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    I use the Nikon M308 BDC on all my .308's.
    I second the Witt brake, they can really reduce felt recoil.

  6. Dane

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    What's that brake?
  7. papataylor

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    If you're going variable power you'll want a first focal plane scope - SWFA makes a great scope.

    I prefer fixed power optics. Straight forward focusing, ease of adjustment, etc. fixed powers are also cheaper.
  8. James40

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