AR500 plate vs Nato 5.56 XM193

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    not sure if you guys have seen this but look how easily a 193 rd will go thru a AR500 body armor plate @ CQB distance . . The rd goes thru that plate just as easily as a M855/SS109 rd

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    The single best way to defeat body armour is to shoot that which is not covered by body armour.

    NY Rep Biaggio discovered this during the late 70's/early 80's when he made a big deal about KTW pistol rounds defeating 'bullet proof vest' that LEO's weren't wearing to any large degree..

    The year after Biaggio started squawking about this, the number of LEO deaths doubled in NY due to LEO's being shot in the head.


    PS This is the same Rep Biaggio who was sent to jail for corruption.