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  1. Tony_Connelly

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    Hi All,

    Well last night it came to me.......why not put one of my AR15 sight handles on my 995TS.
    so I did, wow it looks good too, and works also.

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  2. Dagwood

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    That actually looks pretty cool Tony!

  3. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Welcome btw, from the Great Southwest!
  4. sarahsmom

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  5. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    How does it work? there's no front sight, it can't work. Other than just as a handle.
  6. MachoMelvin

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    We've been there & done that?

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  7. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Several times.....only we used front sights.

    (and it certainly didn't just "work" without way more effort than it was worth)

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  8. undeRGRound

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