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  1. Hermitt

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    Yesterday, I went and visited a friend that lives down the road. He owns a small gift shop called Round Valley Trading Post and he loves to barter. That is where I picked up my ASM 1860 Army cap & ball revolver and my C9. Yesterday, while visiting I started asking him about the various compound bows that he had hanging from the ceiling. Then we went out back and shot a few of them for a couple of hours. I had never shot a bow of any kind in all of my 57 years, so I wasn't expecting to hit anything smaller than a broad side of a barn from the inside..... :eek::eek:

    Well needless to say.... I came home with one that I was shooting some nice groups with from 20yds, 30yds and 40yds.

    Wow.... there are a LOT of technical stuff about compound bows!!! :eek: And arrows for them too!!!!:eek::eek:

    Anyways....I got an older (don't know what year cuz I can't even find one on the interwebs....) Jennings Acclaim that is supposed to be a 60 to 70# DW. I was using a mechanical release, so I need to pick up one of those as he didn't have any that he wanted to sell. The bow came with a stabilizer, an 8 arrow matching camo quiver and a Montana BlackGold 3 pin FO sights and the string has a peep.

    I had a blast! but boy O boy is my drawing shoulder ever sore today! :eek:

    Any other archers here? Archery season starts Aug 30th here in Idaho. :cool:

    edit:where is the archery section?
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    I have an old bow, don't know what it is. There's a pic of it here somewhere. The thing I did with my daughter the other day, she loved the archery. We have a child's size compound bow. Need to get her out shooting it. Now wrist guard and only one good arrow. No sight at all either. Need to spend a few bucks.

    Biggest problem is that we don't have anywhere to shoot it, so I am working on that.

    I did find something interesting on today...

    Allen Youth Arrow, 28", Black/White
    Free store pickup
    – as soon as 9/1 with Site to Store

    So going to order her a few of those :D

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    I have both a compound bow and a crossbow that i enjoy shooting when i have time and the weather is good and it had been 30+ years since i had last shot a bow so i was alittle rusty at first.
    My Walmart usually has all kind of different arrows in stock this time of year.
    To me shooting a bow is more relaxing than shooting a gun and much more quieter i keep a 20 yard target in the backyard year round and i live in town where no guns are allowed to be discharged.
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    I started with a recurve, went all the way to a compound with overdraw and anything else I could hang on it, then about 15 years ago went back to long bows and recurves.

    Bows and slingshots are something I have always had. Both are far more effective than most would believe.
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    Tall, I actually ordered a dozen of those for my kids to run on their compounds and they are fantastic. I picked mine up for $1/ea shipped to my house.
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    Interesting..... those exact same arrows are $3/ea here...... :confused:

    Since my bow is a 60/70 pounder, and I need a minimum arrow length of 29", I couldn't use them anyways....

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    NE Utah
    Me too?:confused:

    I buy them for the Scouts recurves.
  8. tallbump

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    They must have adjusted the price. All the other ones were $3.

    Unfortunately, her bow is so small, it uses 23in arrows, so I wasn't able to capitalize on that.