Are 380 and 9mm magazines the same?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Jetmugg, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Can anyone tell me if the 380ACP and 9mm magazines are interchangeable? Are they the exact same part? I have a 380 HP, and the magazine seems a bit "roomy" for the 380 cartridges. I was just wondering if it is the same magazine as the 9mm models.

  2. I have both the CF380 and the C9 and the mags are totally interchangeable another name for the .380 is 9mm short.

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    380 can also be called (9mm Kurz) The diameter of the round itself is the same as the 9mm, but the overall length is just a tad shorter than a standard 9mm round.
  4. unclerob

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    Pistols, yes.
    9mm carbine mags will fit in your 9/380 pistols, but the reverse is not going to happen.
    This info applies to factory mag only. I know nothing about after market mags.
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    I don't know...they might actually be the same magazine, but I asked my local gun dealer yesterday because i wanted another clip for my 380, but all he had was 9 and 45. he looked it up in the book and they do have a different part number. maybe they are the same magazine but when they put them in the package they put a different sticker on them and thats why they have different part numbers?
  6. i have used my old 380 mag in my c9 comp for a long time with no ill effects. They are the same.
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    That is my question too... I wanted to get my g/f the c-9 but they were backordered for way too long. Got the .380 instead figuring a gun in hand is better than 50 police at the doughnut shop. The problem is there is almost a 1/4 inch of space from the front of the magazine to front of bullet... And recoil is causing them to shift around. Had 4 ftf in under 50 rounds. I don't like that at all. Some things I'm reading say they are the same, but other "pull down" menus lead me to believe they are different. Did beemiller send the wrong magazine in the box?

    NOT bashing, I have the 45jhp and love it. NO ftf's and it eats everything i put in it including my own cast reloads.
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    Having seen the JCP and JHP mags and frames, I must now ask "Are the JCP and JHP (.40 and .45) the same?

    If so, we could potentially be talking about extended magazines that would be interchangable between four weapons (.40 pistol and carbine, .45 pistol and carbine). If that's not a project worth selling on these forums for 20+ bucks a piece, I don't know what is.
  9. fallout4x4

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    bullseye: click on the c9/380 magazine and it takes you to another screen. this one has a pull down menu that lets you pick between the two. why?
  10. I have acceass to our old .380 and our newer C9 and the mags are exactly the same. The only difference is price ;).

    My little theory is that essentially the guns are the same and the .380 round works better in the mags than the 9mm because they are a bit shorter. Even in the 9mm, it does NOT like Winshester which is a hair longer than UMC and many other brands. Longer rounds tend to get their noses caught on the bottom of the feed ramp and fail to load.

    Our old .380 eats ANYTHING while the C9 is finicky on Over All Length. The problems you are having might just be the mags needing the feed lips adjusted. Or you might need to polish the feed ramp.

  11. it is there for the same reason you can look up and order spark plugs by different cubic inches even though the same plug works in a chevy 305 and 350. Her are some examples below on sites not offering the option of 380/9mm 10RD MAG

    Hi Point Model C Gun Magazine
    Hi Point Model C Gun Magazine
    Item# M1133
    Regular price: $28.00
    Sale price: $19.9
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    I just picked up a new 10 round mag from the local sporting goods store and the label on it says 9mm/.380 with one part number.

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    Heres my problem: Recoil is causing the rounds farther down in the magazine to shift forward. It causes a misfeed. I was NOT able to fire a complete 8 round magazine without it jamming. When I pull the mag out the bullets are all over the place instead of in a nice line. Even tho I tapped them all into place before inserting mag. Do they make a filler insert for them?
  14. I think that's a mag problem. Some dimension is outta whack maybe.

    The filler might be a solution, but I have never seen one. I can tell you that the "next" round in a mag seems to push forward a bit before being loaded, but I think it actually helps the feeding process.

  15. fallout4x4-
    I'm with Splitter on this one. I think that the slight forward of the next round to be helps the feeding. As far as the mags being the same between the C9/CF380 I didn't notice any recognizable difference. The gun dealer I go through sells them as the same mags. For instance, the Davis 380 and the 32 both use the same mags. For some reason the 380 I had liked the 32 mag better. Go figure.

    bullseye- I know you posted those links for other reasons, but I hope nobody pays $25 or more for their C9 mags. I am surprised to see the difference in prices from site to site. I think my guy sells his for $22 though. That's also why I haven't bought any off of him.