Are any of you members...

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  1. ToddGray

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    of the Zombie Squad?

    I'm just wanting to know. Otherwise, everybody else, go visit

    The Zombie Squad is a St. Louis based, world-wide zombie extermination unit that, when business is slow, advocates preparation and readiness for disasters. They also sponsor charity events such as blood/clothing/food drives so when a disaster does happen we as a nation can be better prepared. There is more information on the site if you're interested in learning more about a top-notch NPO.
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    I've never heard of it...good post though

  3. hehe cool.

    btw, for those who remember it, my friend and I are still working on and planning to get a batch of zombie extermination squad patches made. We're just working with the colorblind folks at the patch company to get it right :evil:
  4. Wow. Had no idea that was in my city :).
  5. Uh oh, that just does it. 4095fanatic will no become the spokesperson for the Zombie Squad... Just what we really needed. :roll:

    But think if it, if he sells them all on Hi-Points, we'd get more good memebers right? YAH!!!! :wink:
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    I'm a member, great forum over there with lot's of good info. I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend over there.
  7. I would but you have to pay to be a member. I thought it was a cool place a few months ago but pay for the membership of a internet forum?
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    I haven't had to pay anything to be a forum member, nor have I heard anything of the sort.

    My forum membership is pretty new over there, but still, I would think I would ahve heard that. Hmmm....

    Maybe I'll have to look into that more.

    I'm a member at also. It's cool enough, but seems to be a bit less serious.

    The thing about Zombie Squad is it's an interesting way to get people to deal with the threat of natural disaster, as well as other threats, but under the guise of zombies.

    I got many people interested in personal survival with "The Zombie Survival Guide" and the ZS forum that would have otherwise stayed unprepared.
  9. You don't have to pay to be a member. There's just two tiers of membership, and you have to pay to be in the "upper tier". Most forums have some form of "gold subscription" to help pay for hosting fees, etc.

  11. Ohh, I will register then.
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    Oh yeah, payment is not neccessary at all. However, payment does make you a full member of the organization. Sorry for posting that link today of all days... as it turns out, they have been down since 1230 for maintenance. The website works, its just the forum thats down right now. Feel free to peruse the rest of it until the forum is back online. The ZSS Feed is a cornucopia of great information to get you started.
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    Thanks for the link! I just spent a little time lurking around before they shut down for maintenance. This seems to be just the group I've been looking for. I'm prepared, but a group of prepared is even better.

    Especially realistic people that don't promote moving to the mountains and dropping off the grid!
  14. They have good vids on youtube:
    dont have to be a member to view them there. Particularly like this one:
    The bug out bag and you:
  15. Yea, the viagra remark was hilarious. I like the whole sombie deal as it's all preperation for disasters and other scenerios, while giving it a funny face of zombies. Let's you be prepared without feeling like an outcast survival nut.

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    Not to sound like a party pooper but shouldn't this be moved to zombie zone?
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    Originally, I posted this in the survival forum... since the ZS is mainly about survival and disaster preparation. 2 replies later it was moved into the Lounge. Where, prithee, is the "Zombie Zone?"

  18. Hmmmmm???