Are C9's ammo sensitive?

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  1. Ammo has been a bit factor in my search for a reliable yet "beatable" CCW/truck gun. I was about sold on a revolver until I looked at the price and availability of .38 Special and .357 Magnum now a days. Not cheap and the local places might have 2-3 varieties of them total. 9mm and .45 had 5+ each and lots of it.

    Meanwhile, as you can tell from my sig, I like reliable, solid, and cheap guns. I feed my guns cheap ammo and expect them to work. My .45 has shot everything from CCI Blazer aluminum to LOTS of Wolf (lacquered and polymer coated) to Winchester White Box and a couple others I can't recall. I fear no steel cased ammo but apparently some firearms makers do as I was interested in a certain maker's new small 9mm and they warned me in no uncertain terms against shooting anything but brass cased ammo out of their guns...
    ...which cost over $100 more new than a 9mm HiPoint. This sorta surprised me and when I asked why I got the same general excuses of ammo quality, unpredictable gun wear, etc etc etc.
    Unimpressive to say the least.

    So how do these things fare? I shoot cheap ammo for plinking and then would like to step up to one of the larger hollow points for carry use.
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    I've found that once I adhered to the break in period, my C9 will fire just about anything. Of course it reacts better to certain brands (Such as Remmington UMC) it will shoot everything else rather well. The biggest trick is to make sure the mag lips are properly adjusted and you'll be set.

  3. Some people have varying results, but the majority of us have good luck with most ammo, even Wolf. But, for what its worth, Hi Point does not recommend Wolf ammo in its weapons.
  4. I have not used steel cased ammo in my C9 because few stores in my area carry it, those that do generally have .45, 9x18Mak and the rifle calibers in steel cases.

    My C9 required about a 250rd breakin period and after that its been a rock solid shooter with all the ammo I have used. My primary 9mm range ammo is WWB 115gr FMJ's or Remington UMC 115 FMJ & 115JHP's. Also did well with CCI Blazer 115gr FMJ's and factory reloads in 115gr and 124gr FMJ's.

    I recently started back reloading and have been working with 9mm loads using 124gr Berry Plated FMJ bullets. The C9 and digested every load I have tested in it so far, and this is about as cheap as one can get when it comes to ammo.

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    my 995 and 45JHP eat up whatever i stick in. even hollow points.

    my 45 really needed the feed ramp polished up before HPs fed nicely.. but ive never had any issues with my 995 feeding cheap ammo, odd ammo, or even old ammo.

    ive even shot steel cased 45acp out of my JHP..
  6. I have never had a problem with my 995 eating a wide diet variety... Yes, she does eat her veggies, and not a single complaint! :wink:
  7. My hi-points have always eaten whatever I fed them, as long as I made sure the feed ramp was smooth.
  8. My C9 required no break-in period... it just shoots and shoots and shoots... kinda like the Energizer Bunny. WWB for shooting paper... Federal JHP (what I call, "the good stuff") for the bad guys.
  9. This is all sounding encouraging.

    With the steel ammo...I mean, it's a proven performer not to mention Sellier & Belliot is even selling their NATO steel cased 9mm here now so I really doubt their "quality" concerns.

    Anyone shooting any of the larger bullets? 147 grain or others between there and 115 grain?
  10. I have shot a couple boxes of Winchester White Box 147gr JHP's and they went down the pipe like everything else, but with less recoil.

    I took the C9 back to the range today with some more of my 124gr (Berry Plated bullet) hand loads and had zero issues. I found my C9's pet handload and was VERY pleased with the results. Shooting distance was 15 yards shooting with a two handed grip I put all 25 rounds into an area that could be covered by my fist. So... the C9 is one pistol you can count on digesting a wide variety of ammo without any issues.

  11. Just out of curiousity what's a Berry Plated bullet?
  12. I use russian steel 9 mm cased in my 995 carbine and C9 pistol and have not seen any wear or damage from using it
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    started off with a c9 and independance brand 115 rn loads, the c9 loved them for about 200 rnds. switched to wwb 115 rn and after about 50-60 rnds. I had to polish the feed ramps and found that i still had problems with the wwb 115's. switched to rem. umc 115 rn and currently have about 600 rnds. through with no problems. PD loads are 147 gr. speer gold dot hp's, they feed with no issues at all. my .40 and my .45 were bought after the c9 and recieved feed ramp polishing before i ever fired a round and nothing has failed in them yet, both with in excess of 500 rnds. through them. my wifes 995 has only ever fired rem. umc 115 rn, 147 gr. federal hydra shoks and 124 gr +p speer gold dots and after about 500 through it we have never experienced so much as a hiccup from it. when i bought my first hipoint, the c9, the dealer informed me that under no circumstances was i to try and fire hp's from it as they would jam always. thanks to this forum for proving him wrong.
  14. Berry Plated bullets are lead bullets that have been electro plated with a copper jacket. They are used by reloaders who do not want to use cast lead bullets but want something cheaper than standard jacketed bullets. My C9 and Taurus PT111 M-Pro 9mm shoot them as well as factory FMJ bullets, they also do extremely well in my .44 Special Taurus 441 revolver and Marlin 1894 lever rifle.

    Here's a link to Berry Mfg:

  15. Mine hasn't liked hollowpoint so far but its new with only 200 rds through it....
  16. Ah, that explains it. Would need to reload for those, neat idea none the less.
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    Ditto on the Berry bullets. I use 115gr flat nose bullets and have shot about 200 on my C9 and so far same results as stated above. Also recoil is much smoother, almost nil
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    Mine is extremely finicky about ammo, will only shoot 9mm and nothing else :p
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    Funny you bring that up, My C9 is the same way. LOL

    No once I got my c9 going it has been unpicky it has not cared what I feed it.

    Have had some excitment after freezin it once but other than that it has been ok.
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    Mine never baulked at anything I put through it. Though I have only put WWB, Seller and Bellot (I think is how it is spelled) and a load of reloads.
    Never any problems. Only had problems between 100 and 250 rounds during the break in period. Once past 250 rounds I've had no problems at all.