Are Stoners Informed?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Hermitt, Oct 2, 2014.

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    Being oblivious to what's going on is the better way. I used to be, and I was much happier. Now I just walk around and b!tch.

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    a comedy show does a video on pot smokers and current events, and shows they know nothing...... big surprise........
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    No surprise. It's amazing how many people don't have a clue what is going on beyond their private little lives..
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    They edit out the ones that actually know anything.

    You'd get the same result at the student union at most colleges, you'd just have more to edit out.

    No, really, I'm not joking.:rolleyes:
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    Thanks Swaga, for pissing on the parade...just what we need, another person refuting perfectly good propaganda...
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    the good new is that their vote counts as much as yours
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    My vote counts way more cause I'm better

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  9. The fun part is that I know a lot of stoners who are much more informed than your average sober guy. Think about it; they are into something that is tightly regulated and/or illegal; if anyone would know anything about drug policy, it's them. One of my friends on the debate team in high school was the biggest stoner I knew, and he was able to quote text from drug laws from the Prohibition era word for word without fail. Oh sure, he might not have been able to tell you what a sear or recoil spring was, but he knew his subject.
    I mean, look at us; our hobby/lifestyle is something that is under constant attack in Congress, so naturally, we know the laws, we know the history, we know the technicals, and we follow the goings ons in Congress when it comes to it.

    And yes, shows like this edit out about twenty well-informed smart people for each dumbass they find. But well-informed smart people don't make for good TV nor do they encourage a share on YouTube. But these people to, so they pack TV with them and hope the stereotype will continue.
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    They call that being an expert. Knowing more and more about less and less.;)

    Or as I learned it, an Ex-Spurt... a has-been drip under pressure.:p

    Sadly, much of what the typical stoner knows is often totally biased, and their objectivity is pretty suspect, not to mention their critical thinking skills.

    Not that this isn't just as true of the folks they are arguing against.:rolleyes:
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    This right here, when you sit back and look at it from the outside, is what the gun debate is about. Most people regurgitate what Dumberg and tWatts tells them, and they take it as fact, not bothering to look anything up on any other site besides motherjones or MDA's website. Most of them probably never even heard the Leeland Yee story because that would show hypocrisy on the anti-gunners side, instead of them championing against criminals owning guns.

    The anti-gunners hope that no one will dig too deep on their laws, both current and propose, because they know the evidence is against them. When someone digs deep enough and sees what is really going on, and calls them on it, they get defensive and attack the person. I wouldn't doubt if there are people out there that believe you could walk into a gun store or look through a catalog and buy a full auto machine gun without getting a background check and have it shipped to your house