Are there any stock options for a 995TS?

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  1. Are there any stock options for a 995TS?

    I did try the search function but came up with nothing.

    Here's my dilemma.

    I own and really like a 995TS carbine,,,
    But I absolutely hate the new tactical stock,,,
    I want to buy an aftermarket stock but can't find any.

    I know that ATI used to make one,,,
    But their website doesn't list it any more.

    Is there another option available to me?

    I found a few of the older style "Planet of the Apes" stocks on gunbroker,,,
    But I was told that they would not fit the new 995TS carbine.

    Is that correct?

    Anyways, any information would be greatly appreciated.


  2. talon

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    You answered your own questions. The ATI has been the only aftermarket stick we've ever gotten for any of the HP carbines.

    And, also as stated, and to the best of my knowledge you cant go from ts stock to the classic stock.

    There's thousands of ways to customize it though to change it up to your liking. There's a huge thread with a gazillion ideas in the carbine forum. Im not going to search it and post the link, and im not allowed to tell you to search it, but its there if you're interested.

    But that's your only real choice.