Are these things LEFTY safe?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by SEN-5241, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. I'm seriously considering getting one of the 9mm carbines, but things like this kind of scare me, being a left handed shooter. Is anyone here a lefty or ever fired their hi point carbine left handed?
    I searched around and could not find this topic addressed here, so I thought I'd ask. I'm just curious to know what sort of things to expect. Thanks.
  2. Fenix

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    theres a good bunch of lefties here and they don't complain about it, but they'll chime in soon.

  3. jason865

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    Primal and Waltham are lefties, and I haven't seen them complain about shooting thier carbines.

    I think primal added a titanium bolt catch to his though. lol
  4. yup works great for me. lefty all the way. In doing tac reloads from my buttstock mag holder I can pretty quickly change mags and drop the release without too much effort and have it never leave my shoulder.
  5. I shoot the 995 and the 4095 carbines left handed and have had absolutely no problem with casings hitting me or anything. They are a pleasure to shoot, just with there were bigger cap mags for them
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    My brother is a lefty and he has no complaints about shooting my 995. Except when he has to give it back, of course.

    Seriously, though, as a left hander he enjoys the reverse bolt configuration.
  7. I'm left-handed but I shoot long guns right-handed. My son is lefty all the way and he not only has no problems with my 995, he gets a kick out of it too.

    Thanks for the tip: I'll have to check into putting the Titanium Bolt Catch on it if it works better for lefties though.
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    It hasn't hurt me yet.
  9. wow, excellent responses! this is a great forum. Thanks a lot for the feedback. I just moved here to washington and have to wait a few months before i can buy a handgun, so maybe i'll pick up a 995.

    oh, and someone mentioned hi-cap mags. i know the C9 and 995 mags are interchangeable... does that include both the 8 and 10rd mags?
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    No problem, just shoot Primal a pm, he knows where to get them lol
  11. I saw a YouTube vid a while back and the fellow was shooting a 995 left handed. Didnt seem to have any issues at all with spent cases because the 995 tosses em slightly forward instead of rearward.
  12. I have never had a problem shooting my 995 lefty. Love that gun. Gonna sight the irons back in tomorrow or Sunday. Can't wait.
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    here is the video... It is our very own lbreevesii he is fast too

  14. Great Vid, love the smile on his face when he was done shooting!
  15. FORWARD sez you? well that is nifty indeed. the C9 and 995 are now both on my list of must-haves.
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    [​IMG]Being a lefty and having owned the Thompson 45acp in the photo, I find the hi-point more natural to use than the Thompson with it's right side charging handle.
  17. :p thanks. For some reason I had a bit of trouble getting the mags in that day. I lubed those puppies up real nice when I got home 8)

    btw, its a 4095 and I think I was shooting 155 or 165grn handloads that day.
  18. I like th 995 as a "lefty" weapon. I have one set up of small game and one for HD. The only thing I see that might be a problem is accidently hitting the mag release when engaging the trigger.