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+1 Uraijit.

Actually badges of any kind are relativly easy to buy. So long as it doesn't have a department name on it you can order one to say just about anything. While it's not a good idea, it is legal and if you want to run the risk of a criminal charge for carring one and impersonating an officer be my guest. Just know the laws of the state your in.

I have heard arguments for them that in the event of an unintended flash of the gun seeing a badge next to it calms people down, and I have to ad mit to an extent it does. It doesn't matter if it says Police, EMT, Firefighter, Dog Catcher, Security, or nothing, the tin calms and often times prevents people from calling 911.

I still think it's a dumb idea, but its their life, attorneys fees.

Take Care and Stay Safe
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