Are WASR 10s 922(r)ed?

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  1. OK I know that the Hi-caps from Century are 922(r) but are the lo-cap one as well? It seems like since they are 10 rnd rifles they are not subject to 922(r). Also would opening the mag well to take double stacks violate it? I'm not adding or removing parts and if it does violate then shaving down the slab of a grip would also be a violation wouldn't it? In both cases I'm keeping all the parts but removing some material.
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    the single stack wasr's do not have US parts. if you open up the magwell to accept a hi-cap mag and it has a pistol grip, bayonet lug, or flash hider, then it needs US parts. If you have a thumbhole stock, no lug, no flash hider, then it does not need US parts.

  3. OK does the slanty thing count as a flash hider? 'cause it don't hide a thing! and if I took off the nut on the front and put on a US made slanty thing am I in trouble?

    Wow I used slanty thing twice! Man I gotta be careful not to over use highly technical terms like that.

    CRAP! one more question, my understanding is that when the AK was made semi-auto they did that with US parts. Is this not the case with the W10s? If not does that mean I have to install even more US made parts to make up for that?
  4. If the slanty thing :) is welded to the barrel, it is considered part of the barrel and is not considered and evil feature.

    If you break the weld, then you now have a threaded barrel and the gun needs to comply with 922r.

    Lo-cap WASR10s are made with all Romy parts since they are considered a "sporting rifle" (welded flash hider, no bayonet lug, single stack magwell, etc).

    You "fix" one of the neutered parts, you then make the gun an evil gun that can't have more than 10 imported parts hence it needing to meet 922r.

    If you remove the nut at the front of your barrel (break the weld) and there are no threads, then you are still okay but you can't add a removable muzzle device to it using set screws or whatever. If you break the weld and remove the nut and there are threads, it now has the evil feature.

    Basically you need to leave it stock or get all the compliance parts.
  5. mine had that crappy nut and I may have broken the weld :wink:
    But I think I also have the bayo lug. this is so annoying

    OK so any parts you recomend for swapping out? I was thinking of
    Which I think is 3 parts? (I have the thumbhole stock now)

    and 1 of the tapco trigger kits from milsurp. What is the difference between them? I'm also going to get a tapco muzzle break but since onlt have the nut now that is moot, right?

    So not counting the break I think the stock kit and trigger kit bring me into compliance, I am right? Is this a good choice?
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    easiest way to do it would be to replace the three trigger parts with a tapco g2 trigger, the slant break with a US one, the pistol grip with a US one, and the gas piston. You need six US parts, you can also use a 100% US magazine and that counts as three parts but then you have to use that US mag and only that.
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    lo cap WASRs made after 2005 have compliance parts already inside according to century. I called and asked the last time i bought one.

  8. You Sir have just become my new favorite person! The question is how do I tell? I look it over before going to work and I can't find a date on the gun. THe box still has the PO info for Dunhams saying it was shipped Sept. 07
  9. Look at the trigger group parts (hammer, disconnector, trigger) to see if they have the Tapco markings on them or USA markings.

    Also look at the gas piston for the same thing and the pistol grip.

    They will be marked if they are legit US parts.
  10. Where would it be on the stock? Mine has the Drag style one I didn't see anything on it. Would it be under one of the plates on the stock?
  11. The stock probably isn't a compliance part. I have never seen a drag style US made stock since the drag style stock was one of the "ban style" parts that they used to make the AKs into "sporting rifles".

    Check the trigger group parts, the pistol grip, the gas piston. Those are usually the compliance parts. And the receiver on the case of a kit gun (the Yugo Century guns for example).
  12. Well I can't find a "USA" mark anywhere on the stupid thing. I guess Century stopped installing US parts in the 10s because the box shows it was sent to Dunhams 9/07

    Now do figure out how many parts the ATI stock counts as and weather the current stock counts as 1 or 2 parts. If it's 1 then that shouid drop me from 16 to 15 since the chart counts a pistol grip and a stock.

    I just hope the ATI covers the back of the reciever because the exposed metal edge cuts into my hand
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    Call century with your serial and they can tell you if it has com[plaince parts or not. Not all US parts are marked as such anymore.

  14. WASR-10 single stack

    I recently purchased a WASR-10 which accepts single stack mags. As far as I can tell they only make 10 round single stack mags for these. Am I subject to 922(r) if I swap out the ugly drag stock for a Romanian stock and pistol grip?
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    Sadly enough, because having the draganov stock on it means that it is a nice play thing that won't hurt people. If you put a pistol grip on it then you have made it an evil beast that will shoot everyone that it can find.
  16. Re: WASR-10 single stack


    That model has not been complianced at all. It was the cheapest way for Century to get AK47's imported in to the US with the least amount of work involved.

    You open up the mag well, replace the stock, break the flash hider weld, etc, you will not be in compliance since you then created an evil assualt weapon whereas previously, it was nothing but a bb gun. I am being sarcastic but you get the idea.

    Stupid 922.
  17. Re: WASR-10 single stack

    Okay, I thought you described the whole 922 mess pretty well, so you'll just have to explain the sarcastic part to me--I missed it. :wink:
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    Re: WASR-10 single stack

    Yeah, I was all good to that point as well. Sarcasm? What is this...sarcasm? and +1 to bobotech for his synopsis of the mumbojumbo.
    Thank you, Carpe for making me feel less stupid about all the SKS questions I had a while back. :oops: Not saying you are stupid at all, as all the 922 stuff is confusing as all get out. I guess it's all for the common good though, right? (wait, NOW I understand sarcasm!!!)
    I'm sure your WASR won't go off just being randomly evil when you get it finished. I ended up leaving my sks completely stock, probably because I'm still too stupid, even after all the explanations and tips, to understand it very well.
    Good luck and remember to count those parts.
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    I was referring to how removing one single part or altering one single part made a fully legal imported rifle that must be safe (aka a bb gun) into an evil assault weapon.

    That's the sarcastic part. I think the whole parts count thing is just plain stupid. Its the same damned gun, just one feature is changed and BOOM, you have an "evil horrible rifle" compared to the safe "bb gun" before.

    Nothing sarcastic directed at anyone here!! Just at the stupid law.
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    we got it, dude, trust me.

    something that fails 992 compliance is just like when potato salad goes bad...starts robbing or killing everything else in the fridge.