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  1. Okay, how many of us here have had/currently have a minimum wage job?
    *Watches everyone raise their hand.*

    How many of you applied, had an interview, MAYBE a second interview, and then was hired on?
    *Raises hand.*

    How many people were required to list two references, complete an online test consisting of fifty multiple choice questions, have all your references interviewed, then schedule an interview for you, after which you were required to go through orientation training for one to two weeks, then perform a second interview to discuss your performance and then possibly get hired on a probationary basis?


    Yeah, that's what I thought.
    But my wife and brother-in-law have. These are the requirements thus far for a very minimum wage job. My brother-in-law is a seasonal worker at a local grocery store; he sweeps and re-stocks the freezers one to two days a week. That's literally it. And he had to do this. My wife is applying to a department store to work on a seasonal basis on limited hours, and she just had to do the same thing. And since they don't accept her references (who are Bulgarian), we had to list my supervisor's wife and my frickin' security officer as references.

    Really? Seriously? I worked at a grocery store; I walked in, saw they were hiring, asked about it, got sent up to the manager's office, she interviewed me, we shook hands, and I started the next week.
    Know what that process is more similar to? Joining the military. I watched my brother-in-law do this and had fond flashbacks of going to the recruiter, doing my ASVAB, getting processed through MEPS, hitting Basic Training, then going to tech school.

    Dear God it's so convoluted over here.
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    Minimum wage, no. For this job working with disabled people in a privatized health care setting with a gub'ment pay grade? Yes...

  3. Yes, because what you do requires a set of pre-existing skills as well as vast responsibility.
    I worked my minimum wage job with a guy who had Down Syndrome; that kid could clear a parking lot of carts with the speed and stealth of a ninja, but he sure as sh*t couldn't take a 50-question quiz and pass it.
    I'm still, after ten months, still getting used to the sheer convolution of this country. It costs over $3,000 - $5,000 to get a driver's license. You have to establish a professional relationship before you can even have a profession. They tax screens so people won't use them in place of A/C in the summer. Now they're trying to ban KNIVES. I'm afraid to even take my Leatherman near a window nowadays.
    How the Hell is this country considered Westernized? [/rant]
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    NE Utah
    That's what socialism does for you.

    They are mostly privatized now, but there's still some serious labor laws, it's still a whole lotta red tape, and you can't fire someone for just sucking at the job.

    So, they try really hard to make the process ridiculous to weed out any possible undesirables, and to give them a chance to decide if they really want you around. This way they can toss you out without having to justify it, as they would if they had just hired you, then decided to fire you.

    See, it all makes total sense.:rolleyes:
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    It's something us "uncivilized barbarians" from the US wouldn't understand.
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    Told Ya So! ;)

    ...and that's what globalism/UN Agenda is hoping to do HERE
  7. What's funny about that statement is that UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) is quickly gaining popularity here. They want to withdraw from the EU, abolish a bunch of different taxes, etc.
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    Every Pendulum Swings Both Ways.
    I've been reading about UKIP.
    They will be the majority party after the Global Reset, IMO
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    Some people DO see that their gilded cage is still a cage
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    I've seen big corporations over here do stuff like that. Usually multi-state ones whose policies are organized around the most difficult states they operate in where it's more difficult to fire people.
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    Minimum wage job, No. But the interviews and probationary periods are common procedure. Have been for as long as I can remember.