Are you sick of getting the "Forward this or else email

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  1. Do you have friends that send you the "forward this to 50 people and you will be a millionare if you dont your dog will die within 24 hours" emails?

    Are you as sick and tired of it as I am?

    Sent the person this link :)

    Safe to open and enjoy
  2. ..... if you are a true friend, you'll forward this on to your address book and send it back to me. That's how I know you are a true friend......

    Wow, that's it???? That's too easy!

    [ yes, I hate this crap too. ]

  3. I've felt like expressing those feelings myself many times. Thanks for the link, maybe I'll threaten them with constipation in the subject line if they don't watch it all!
  4. Kelotravolski

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    I like to post one where I tell people that a paper girl may print her self off their printer and kill them at some time around exactly 03:24 in the morning... and then I say that if they are a total jerk they can forward it to their friends so they can die too.

    (Misery loves company... I guess that is the idea behind socialism. :wink: )
  5. Linky no workie for me.... :cry:
  6. griff30

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    I'm sooo damn sick of the "prove you love Jesus" or "If your man enough to show you believe in Jesus"

    I remember an OLD MAD magazine with a chain bad luck mail that promised 6" polyps in your arse if you forwarded them...Man I miss reading them as a kid, even then I could remember laughing at MAD's rendition of the zealot religious right and the not-so-in-the-closet left.
  7. i always delete them...
  8. Primal are you having trouble with links today or something? :shock:
  9. Thayldt21

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    Thank you waltham. I sent this to my entire contacts list. Funny thing is this is the only CHAIN letter I have ever sent. lol

    I hate them myself. But I do get tired of them and have told every one I will just delete them. Along with any email I open and see it is a novel.
  10. I hate chain letters and chain e-mails with a passion. Next time I get one I will be sending that link to the sender, and maybe they will get the message.
  11. I really hate them when the senders and passers on have no clue to the difference between carbon copy and blind carbon copy.

    I do not want my email addy included in the thousands of visible addys some of these frigging emails have when you get them!
  12. I just reply back with a "who the %&^$ is this and why the %&^ are you sending me junk mail. I consider these email harassment. If you continue to send them I WILL harass you back and I promise you that you will be on every porn, pill, and coupon scam list out there by the end of the day.

    PS It's best if you just take me off your list"

    That usually take's care of it. Even have threatened my family. That soapbox dude sounds alot like me when every once in awhile my sister sends me something stupid and I call her up griping at her.
  13. LOL the porn and spam lists are tools in my arsenal too Taurus. Mean but effective.
  14. elguapo

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    I had a good hmm, how do you say politely a situational partner of the opposite sex? She moved back to Virginia (Ironic) and started spamming the religious shyte....

    I told her not to send me those anymore at all.

    Things are quiet now, lol.
  15. Kelotravolski

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    found it. I think I did this... uhm in highschool? or maybe in middle school. Anyway a long time ago.

  16. ROFLOL I love it! Sarcasm at its finest!
  17. Thayldt21

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    I felt no need to be stupid and start a new thread but found this SPAM funny

    During these serious times, people of all faiths should remember these 4
    religious truths:

    1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God's chosen people.

    2. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

    3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian

    4. Baptists do not recognize each other at Hooters
  18. That is serious comedy gold! And more than a little bit true. There is serious sig material for some wise individual! :lol:
  19. Good one! We do not recognize each other at the liquor store either LOL
  20. Strangerous

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    I'm just dumbfounded how i'm always the long-lost relative of a multi-millionaire in some african country... My lineage goes back to Germany and Italy... and if there was a person of great wealth in my family, ANYWHERE, i would know about it... trust me.

    I hate the spam, i especially hate the spambots that register on here, and the ones who lurk in MySpace.