Arg! Can't concentrate on work. Going shooting.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by lklawson, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. lklawson

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    I just can't seem to get my head into the game at work today.

    I'm going to the range to test out those reloads I've been setting on and run some pistol targets.


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  2. Some guys have all the luck! :cool:

  3. histed

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    Must be nice. Indoor range, Kirk? Looks wet an cold in OH today. But any time shooting is better than work.
  4. lklawson

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    It was fun! It seems like half the rest of the area decided to do the same thing as I did so because the range was hopping. First, I went over to the pistol range and ran 10 sets of the NRA pistol instructor pre qual test. Did good. Technically passing. But I want to tighten my groups up. So, more practice for me. Then I went over to the rifle range and tested out those reloads. I had one full mag of Federal, 1 mag of my reloads using Benchmark and 1 mag of reloads using H4895. These are targets A, B, and C. I had the targets set out at 25 yards but the zero is for 50 yards. So everything should have been shooting about an inch and a half low. However, as you can see, the Federal shot a little bit high. This is probably because I zeroed with a different brand. I guess that's okay. Then Benchmark however, shoots very high. I'm not happy about that and if I decide to keep using Benchmark I will either have to adjust the load for adjust the scope for it. I think, however, I will save the benchmark for other loads. The H4895, however, shot just about where I wanted it to. The best part of these targets in target B, the Benchmark. If you'll see I shot out the bull pretty good but there are a group of bullet hits in the lower right quadrant. These aren't mine! When I went up to check my targets I saw those and thought "what the heck?" I guess someone else was shooting my target for me! That's okay, I can share. I wasn't going to shoot that spot anyway. ;)

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  5. moona11

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    Shooting other peoples targets can be funny. Especially if they are trying to qualify.
  6. MaryB

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    I do that on the dueling tree, start shooting the other persons side then shooting them back to frustrate them :D
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    NE Utah

    All 3 links are not showing as pics, and are the same link, which works as a url...
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    sorry. I'm trying to do this from my phone and, even when using the browser instead of the mobile app, it doesn't work as well as from an actual work station. I'll try to correct the issues tomorrow.

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    It was "cold" and damp but not raining any more. Still muddy. I went to Miami Valley Shooting Grounds in Vandalia and shot outdoor Pistol and Rifle. Official sources said it was ~40 degrees but it felt much warmer to me. I wore my coat but no gloves and my fingers didn't get cold at all.

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