ARgophobia: Definition, Symptoms, and Treatment.

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  1. ARgophobia (Ay-R-go-FOE-be-uh) is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person fears and avoids modern sporting rifles (MSRs). ARgophobics often exhibit irrational fear of persons who possess -or who they think might possess- MSRs. In some extreme cases, ARgophobics even fear the presence of Law Enforcement Officials who are carrying AR-15 rifles (i.e. a SWAT Team)

    Most people who have ARgophobia develop it after having been indoctrinated by one or more ARgophobics who they have mistakenly perceived as authority figures, i.e. teachers, politicians, college professors, TV newscasters, and newspaper reporters.

    Symptoms of ARgophobia include participating in demonstrations demanding immediate confiscation and destruction of all MSRs. Notable ARgophobics include US Senators Diane Feinstein and Charles Schumer.

    People with ARgophobia often have an hard time feeling safe around ANY firearm or ammunition. This irrational fear can be so overwhelming that an ARgophobic will cross to the other side of the street, rather than walk by a gun shop.

    ARgophobia treatment can be challenging because it usually means the afflicted must confront their fears and handle a MSR. With the help of trained firearm instructors, ARgophobics can learn more about firearms and escape their irrational fear(s), eventually feeling comfortable enough to shoot an MSR at a gun range. Some ARgophobics go on to purchase a firearm of their very own, and live an active an infinitely more enjoyable and productive life.
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    That is providing the ARgophobic doesn't piss or crap themselves instantly... if so, there is no hope for them.