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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Ari, Oct 15, 2007.

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    I am headed out to take a look at a real MG42. A local collector has one I have been invited to come see it.



  2. OH HELL YEAH!!!!

    You've always wanted one of those Ari, now you HAVE to come back with pictures!
  3. Got a chance to hit a few burst on one a few years back at the Machine Gun Mele held each year in Tocoa Ga. Those things have an unreal rate of fire, sound like a buzz saw on steroids going off.

    Would love to own one but would not be able to financially shoot it with such a high rate of fire and the cost of 7.92mm these days. Enjoy!

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    Sorry to dark for photos... But very cool! It was sitting on a full T&E! It is such a cool design. The barrel is so much easier to change then on it's child (The M60) but everything else is so close to the M60 it is unreal... The gun is still made today as the MG3 and it is in 7.61x51.(The one I saw was in 8mm) It is still used by many services around the world. here is a photo of a new one in 7.62x51 oh ya before I forget the cyclic rate of fire is adjustable from 600-1200 rpm
  5. Wow that thing is freakin' sweet!
  6. imagine a picture of a slobbering english bulldog here.
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  9. Man that would be so freakin awesome. Now I just need to hit the lottery
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    Keep your Ruger 10-22 stock. I had one of those MG 42 "dress up kits" and they are absolute flimsy trash and a waste of $120.00. Money better spent on ammo or optics for your 10-22. Now, that German machine gun is quality and awesome.
  12. Love them or hate them, the Germans made some of the best light machine guns made during WWII.

    The Germans were big on machine gun squads during both world wars.
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    Dang, sorry to learn that those kits are crap... they're so cool looking, maybe there's a way to reinforce it?
  14. There's a gatling gun setup for two 10/22's. Supposed to be pretty good from what I hear. Looks like a lot of fun too. And it's legal because it's a hand crank :)

    Here's a link.